SoFi January 2022 Reading Roundup

January Reading Roundup

New year, new you: That’s what you’ll hear peddled by savvy marketers taking advantage of post-holiday regrets, ranging from overspending to overeating. But many of us are going into 2022 with a new perspective on life after living with COVID-19 the last two years. For some, spending time with family and friends is now a higher priority. For others, moving into a house better equipped for both personal use and working from home is a primary goal. So if you’re looking to start 2022 with a fresh perspective on money, homes, work, relationships and even yourself, this reading roundup may help you do just that.

Prioritizing Relationships

Has the pandemic made prioritizing your relationships more difficult? Then 2022 may be a good time to start reconnecting with family, friends, and your partner. If you’re newly married (or engaged!) or if you are expecting a baby in 2022, you might consider planning a weekend getaway before life gets too hectic. Even if you’re just looking to spend more time with friends, a short trip away may be just the thing your friend group needs!

And for those with families already, you may want to consider reaching out to friends who may be new or expecting parents to offer some much-needed emotional support . To cope with the stresses of parenting and strengthen your relationship, you and your friend (or your partner or family member) could take a break from the kids and plan some fun activities, such as sharing some favorite board games or books . These brainstorming sessions could give you both a much needed break, get you some practical advice, and create an opportunity for you to vent and relax.

Putting Down Roots

For many Americans, 2022 is going to be another year of working from home. With that comes the reoccurring struggle of maintaining a healthy work-life balance when work is happening from your home. If this predicament describes your situation, you may want to consider upgrading (or finally creating) a dedicated home office space.

And if home is starting to feel a little crowded, it may be time to upgrade to a larger, newer space or even buy a home for the first time. No matter your situation, increased time at home may mean you’re seeing just how outdated your kitchen backsplash is or just how much attention your landscaping needs. So if you’re spending more time at home in 2022, it may make sense to add a few home upgrades to your 2022 to-do list. And if you need help with financing, you may want to consider getting a home improvement loan.

Making Money Moves

Does “new year, same money problems” ring a little too true for you? Then 2022 may be a good year to start creating a new, healthier relationship between you and your finances. That may mean going back to basics and learning how to make a basic budget and finding practical tips for how to deal with times when money is tighter than usual (you know, like right now, after the holidays!).

Once you have a better idea of where you stand financially, you may want to start looking at ways you can start saving money. Are there ways you can make quick budget cuts, like finding a cheaper phone plan or shopping for cheaper auto insurance? Is it time to face some hard money truths to reach your financial goals? A new year may also be a good excuse to reevaluate money goals, such as achieving financial independence .

Growing Your Skills

Being a life-long learner can be both personally and financially rewarding. With the pandemic bringing in an array of virtual work and online learning options, 2022 could be the year you start investing in your skillset, such as sharpening or developing a set of high-income skills , be they coding, real estate, writing, or any other skill you find interesting. This could require finding ways to pay for college courses or simply taking some webinars on LinkedIn or other career sites.

Sharpening your skills can not only prove to be personally enriching, but it could also help you make some serious career moves, be it starting your own LLC , learning how to make your business even more profitable, or negotiating a better salary or raise. You may even be able to turn your new skills into a side hustle for some passive income , or even a full-time job!

Investing in You

It can be hard to focus on self-care, especially if you’re dealing with medical issues (and the debt that comes with them), managing stress from the ongoing pandemic, or learning the ropes after becoming a first-time parent. You’ve probably heard people say that you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. So in 2022, you may want to actually take this advice and invest in yourself to avoid burning out both at home and at work.

Investing in yourself could be as simple as taking a day to find some budget-friendly updates to your wardrobe . This could give you a much-needed confidence boost and be a great way to give yourself a break from your day-to-day responsibilities. Still stressed? It may be time to plan a solo trip to break up the monotony of your daily routine. And if you’re looking to curb bad eating habits and invest in your health, you could subscribe to a meal delivery service after you return from that solo trip!

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