So Simple, SoFi. ETFs to complete your investment portfolio.

SoFi ETFs give you simple, transparent access to sophisticated investment tools.

SoFi So what?
The ABCs of an ETF portfolio.

With so many ETFs to choose from, you may wonder how to construct your portfolio to catch the latest trends, mitigate risk and maximize returns. SoFi keeps it simple.

Income ETFs (THTA) involve strategies that don’t depend on market conditions. They diversify your portfolio while potentially providing regular income.

Diverse ownership of a range of major stocks is another way that ETFs (SFY and SFYX) can lower risk while providing investors exposure to potential gains.

Many ETFs (SFYF) select their stock holdings based on a theme or strategy. This provides transparency and clarity to investors and ensures exposure to the themes driving market growth.

Why SoFi ETFs?

Our ETFs bring stocks and options within reach of regular investors.

Sophisticated yet simple.

SoFi ETFs give everyone access to the latest investment strategies previously restricted to the super-wealthy.

Spread your exposure.

Our ETFs offer diversified exposure to a range of stocks and strategies that could grow your portfolio.

You stay in control.

Whether passive or actively managed, our ETFs are transparent and accountable. You can trade them throughout the day on your phone.

The SoFi Select 500 ETF.

SFY is comprised of the 500 largest publicly traded U.S companies and provides diversified exposure to the big hitters in the U.S. economy.

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The SoFi Next 500 ETF.

SFYX is composed of 500 mid-cap U.S. companies weighted by three growth signals. Mid-caps have extra potential for growth. We go further and direct the ETF towards the stocks with the best sales growth, revenue growth, and forward-looking revenue estimates.

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The SoFi Social 50 ETF.

SFYF invests in the top 50 widely held stocks on SoFi Invest. We trust our clients and know that we don’t have a monopoly on knowledge. SFYF comprises socially-selected stocks that are weighted by the conviction of our investment community.

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The SoFi Enhanced Yield ETF.

THTA combines the holding of a basket of US Treasuries with an overlay of short credit spreads to generate monthly dividend income. By combining Treasury bonds and options trading in an ETF, THTA provides retail investors access to a highly sophisticated investment strategy with the potential for significant income returns.

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Ready to go?

Our ETFs give you simple, transparent access to sophisticated investment tools.

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Note: SoFi ETFs may be sold through SoFi Securities, LLC which is a subsidiary of Social Finance, LLC Social Finance, LLC, is the sponsor of the SoFi ETFs. SoFi Securities LLC, does not endorse or recommend the purchase of any SoFi ETFs. SoFi Invest Active is a self-directed investment platform and investment decisions made to acquire specific securities are entirely your own.


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