Modernize your portfolio with SoFi ETFs.

SoFi’s ETFs are an easy, low-cost way to diversify your portfolio and potentially build wealth over the long term.

Why SoFi ETFs?

Diversified investing

ETFs can remove some of the headache from picking individual stocks by allowing you to invest in a bundle of companies all at once.

Modern themes

Between income-generating, high growth, and values-based themes, SoFi ETFs are designed to meet your unique needs.

Get started with just $5

Start investing in SoFi ETFs, regardless of share price, with just $5.

Core ETFs

Our diversified and low-cost Core ETFs feature a broad collection of ETFs seeking to help you build wealth over the long term.


The SoFi Select 500 ETF is comprised of the 500 largest publicly traded U.S companies.

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The SoFi Next 500 ETF is composed of 500 mid-cap U.S. companies weighted by three growth signals.

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The SoFi Weekly Income ETF invests in investment grade and high-yield fixed income securities and expects to distribute on Fridays.

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The SoFi Weekly Dividend ETF is composed of the most consistent dividend-paying companies globally.

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Thematic ETFs

Our diversified and innovative Thematic ETFs offer access to some of the fastest growing industries in the world.


The SoFi Web 3 ETF invests in companies building the next generation of the internet .

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The SoFi Smart Energy ETF invests in the companies building a cleaner and more reliable energy system.

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The SoFi Be Your Own Boss ETF invests in companies transforming the way people access goods, services and work.

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The SoFi Social 50 ETF invests in the top 50 widely held stocks on SoFi Invest.

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Note: SoFi ETFs may be sold through SoFi Securities, LLC which is a subsidiary of Social Finance, Inc. Social Finance, Inc., is the sponsor of the SoFi ETFs. SoFi Securities LLC, does not endorse or recommend the purchase of any SoFi ETFs. SoFi Invest Active is a self-directed investment platform and investment decisions made to acquire specific securities are entirely your own.


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