SoFi is committed to fighting racism, standing in solidarity with all of our communities, providing space for open dialogue,
as well as taking action as informed allies. We are donating $1 million to organizations that empower people of color and their allies.

Fractional Shares

Invest with as
little as $1.

Stock Bits make it possible to own part of a stock from your favorite companies without committing to a whole share.

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On trading days, Stock Bits orders are executed only once a day around 3:30 pm ET, so orders placed after will complete the next trading day. Note – stock price and share proportion may change from the time you make your order. You can cancel Stock Bits orders until trades are executed. SoFi may also cancel orders or open a trading window off-schedule without notice.

Own a sliver of stock.

Stock Bits make it simple for anyone to invest in their favorite companies
and ETFs without committing to a whole share.

Invest with
as little as $1.

Adios, paying for a full share. Stock Bits let you buy fractional shares of select stocks and ETFs starting at $1.

Pay zero fees.

SoFi Invest charges zero trading fees to buy and sell Stocks Bits—so the money you invest is 100% invested.

Diversify your

Fractional share investing, like Stock Bits, makes it easy to invest in a lot of companies without a lot of dollars.

Get a little taste of
the big names.

Browse our growing collection of Stock Bits to start
investing in companies you love—and discover new ones.

The stocks shown are meant to be a representative sample and are not meant to convey a recommendation to buy, hold, or sell.


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