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Become an investor—for free.

Get started and grow as an investor without paying SoFi fees. Trade stocks and ETFs yourself with active investing and let us build a portfolio for your long-term goals with automated investing.

Invest like a pro without being one.

Unlike some other ways to invest, SoFi gives you more than one option of how to do it. Plus,
we’re built to grow with you and your goals—no matter your skill level at the start.

Pay zero SoFi fees.

That’s right—$0 in transaction fees and $0 in management fees.

Choose how.

Do-it-yourself with active investing or take it easy with automated investing.

Invest with skill.

SoFi is built for those who learn by doing—because the fastest way to become an investor is to start investing.

No fees. No excuses.

Not-so-newsflash: fees are frustrating and they can keep people from investing. It’s why we charge $0 in SoFi transaction and management fees. So there’s no reason not to start investing.

Start trading.
No experience required.

Whether you’re trading full time or just on the side—if you can swipe right, you can swap stocks. With active investing, we make it easy to start making trades on your own.

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Hands-free investing
for the hands-off investor.

Not everyone wants to follow the market closely. It’s why automated investing makes it easy to build a diversified, personalized portfolio—even if you’re new to investing.2

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One-on-one advice
and more—on the house.

Thinking about buying a home? Just graduated and curious about how to invest while paying off student loan debt? We can help with that. SoFi members get one-on-one access to financial advisors so you can make a plan to tackle your goals.

You’ve made it this far.
Let’s get started.

Ready to

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Want to take a
hands-off role?

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