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Stack of bills with crypto

Crypto 101 Hosted by SoFi

Last night, we hosted 250 members and guests at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco to get the inside scoop on what the heck crypto is, why people should pay attention to it, and if people should consider investing. Three industry insiders, Arianna Simpson, Jill Carlson, and Casey Caruso, helped us break down the basics in a conversation moderated by our very own Product Lead, Albert Cheng. You can catch the live stream here , or hear more about what our panelists had to say about this cryptic space by reading more below.

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9 Companies That Help Employees Pay For College

Although a high salary can certainly sway a qualified applicant, these days, it’s not just money that talks. In fact, recent data shows that most applicants surveyed said that benefits and perks would weigh heavily in their decision to accept a job offer.

In the age of the tech startup, images of snack-stocked company kitchens and on-site employee gym equipment often dance in HR professionals’ heads, even when they’re impossible to implement.

But as exotic as extras like travel stipends or gym membership remunerations may sound, help paying for college—or repaying student loan debt—can go a long way toward convincing an applicant to take the gig.

It’s no surprise, then, that some companies are adding help with tuition costs to their suite of employee benefits, along with standards like health insurance coverage and paid vacation. Here are the creative solutions a few modern companies have come up with.

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College Classes to Improve Your Financial Literacy

If you’ve spent any time lately reading about the financial issues affecting young adults, you may have come across news reports about the need to increase “financial literacy.”

Turns out, even the best and brightest college students and recent graduates aren’t necessarily skilled at managing their money—and they aren’t being provided with much education regarding basic financial concepts.

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Negotiating a Car Deal

Getting a new set of wheels can mean freedom on the road, but the process of buying a car inspires a less exciting image. The tricky car salesperson, the lightning-fast dealership sales, and the complicated negotiation process can be a less than thrilling, and even downright stressful, experience for the average buyer.

The good news is the stereotypes and misconceptions of negotiating a car sale can be easily dispelled. With a little bit of prep work, some determination, and a relaxed attitude, you can be a negotiation pro at the dealership.
Read on for some car-buying tips.

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Recovering From a Bad Investment

So, you made an investment that didn’t work out. The first step is to take a deep breath.

Bad investments can happen. One misstep doesn’t mean you can’t recover your investment. In the long run, it may even make you a more experienced and skillful investor.

An investment, by nature, is some sort of deployment of capital in order to make a profit. Investors should know that in order to make money, they might have to take a risk.

In fact, risk and return are two sides of the same coin. Generally speaking, to have a chance at a higher reward, you must assume a higher risk. Assuming risk means taking the chance that you might lose money. There are no free lunches.

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