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Monthly contributions, refinancing, and tools for success.

SoFi’s unique employee benefits - student loan contributions, refinancing, and education - offer an easy and comprehensive way to build financial wellness at your company. Together with a suite of resources and tools like our Student Debt Navigator, these offerings help empower your employees to manage their student debt, regardless of their credit or income. Add SoFi to your benefit program in no time; no integration necessary.

Designed for today’s workforce

With student loan debt now reaching upwards of $1.3 trillion in the U.S., there’s never been a more important way to help your team reach their financial goals faster.

Fast, secure, and scalable setup

A simple enrollment experience encrypts all data to keep information safe and entirely confidential. Our solutions are designed to quickly scale offerings as your company grows.

Made for recruitment and retention

Boost recruitment and reduce turnover by positioning your company as an innovative forward-thinker that’s invested in relieving the stress of student debt for your employees.



Student Loan Refinancing Benefit

Helping my employees save money on their student loans.

With low rates and no hidden fees, SoFi can refinance your employees’ student loans and save them money.

The savings Refinancing with SoFi means flexible terms, low rates, no hidden fees, and big savings. Plus, as a thank you for partnering with us, we’ll give your employees a special cash bonus when they refinance.
The perks Once your employees refinance, they officially become SoFi members. Which means aside from great loans, they’ll get access to great perks—from local member events to career strategy services.
No cost to implement SoFi will oversee everything, administer the whole program, provide seamless enrollment for your employees, and offer educational financial wellness tools—at no cost to you.

Student Loan Contribution Benefit

Paying down my employees' student loans each month.

Contribute directly to your employees’ student loans to help them pay down their balance sooner, conquer debt, and get ahead.

Completely customizable Choose who’s eligible and select your monthly contribution amount—no implementation fees, no complex integrations.
Automatic monthly contributions Employees can enroll in just a few minutes by providing some basic information about their loans. We’ll send the designated contribution directly to their student loan servicer each month.
Even more savings Your employees can choose to refinance their student loans with us to reduce their overall payments and save even more. All employees get a personalized strategy to navigate their student loan debt.

Why student loan contributions?

In a recent survey, we asked one thousand college graduates what the effect of a student loan contribution benefit might be. Turns out, it’s a pretty big impact.



would be more willing to accept a job offer at a new company.



would feel encouraged to stay at their current employer longer.



would have less stress, a more positive attitude, and more commitment.


Use this tool to estimate the impact a monthly contribution could have on an employee’s student loans.

Enter Employee Loan Details

Enter Employer Contribution

$0 $250 $500

Loan Cost Remaining

Estimated Impact on Employee’s Loan

Time Reduced 0
Lifetime Savings 0
Interest Savings 0
Total Employer Contribution 0

The estimates above are based on assumptions explained here.


Our team of over 400 full-time customer service representatives are available seven days a week. They’ll
go above and beyond to ensure you and your team are set up for success. Aside from student loan savings,
we’ll also give your employees access to great rates on mortgages and personal loans. Plus, all of your
employees can plan their future with a suite of financial resources, like our Student Debt Navigator.

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