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You don’t need big-time finances
to get big-time advice.

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or preparing for retirement, our
financial planners can advise you based on your unique needs—at no additional cost.

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Willie R., Personal Loan member,
Greg P., CFP®, SoFi Financial Planner

Reaching your goals

Get a clear picture of your current financial landscape and the strategies you can use to hit your financial goals.

Build your budget

Learn tactics for maintaining good spending habits.

Borrow the right way

Discover ways to leverage debt positively by balancing repayment and saving for long-term goals.

Save for the future

Understand what it takes to build an emergency fund—while also saving for the future.

Invest smartly

Create an investment strategy that takes into consideration your goals and risk tolerance.

Protect what’s important

Start preparing for unexpected accidents or disability with comprehensive insurance.

Our planners can help you navigate your financial situation.

From paying down debt to buying a home, our financial planners can help you clarify your financial picture as you prepare for whatever’s next.

Skilled and experienced

Our team of full-time planners have worked with thousands of clients
and bring years of expertise to every conversation.

An objective viewpoint

As professional fiduciaries, we’re required to keep your best interests
in mind—no upselling, no quotas, no ulterior motives.

Ready for anything

You can come to us with any financial issue, large or small—it doesn’t
need to be an enormous challenge to be worthy of a conversation.

How it works:

Chat with a planner

Start off by downloading the app and setting up a call with one of our planners for an exploratory conversation.

Discover your options

After the chat, your planner will help you analyze your situation and walk through some next steps and alternatives.

Stay on track

Arrange a follow-up chat down the line to talk through your progress. And you can always reach out at any time, too.

Get Your Money Right® with complimentary, customized financial advice today.


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