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SoFi and Edmit Partner to Help Next Generation of College Students Get Their Money Right

The days of poring over a dense Barron’s catalog of colleges and universities to find the right school are gone. Today, we announced a new partnership with Edmit , the company that helps families make smarter financial decisions about college, to set up college-bound students and their families with the tools and resources needed to help simplify the college selection and financial aid process.

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8 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are as Meaningful as They Are Affordable

There are plenty of cute Valentine’s Day ideas to be found, but what about cheap Valentine’s gifts that won’t break the bank? A last-minute frenzy of wandering through the red, pink, and purple aisles at the grocery store could cost you, and honestly, probably won’t impress your sweetie much.

Turns out, those ages 25 to 34 are the biggest spenders during the heart holiday with a spending average of $202.76, but could they have done it for less?

Our list of eight cheap Valentine’s gift ideas will have your sweetheart swooning over your thoughtfulness, and you’ll be ready to brag about how much you didn’t spend! Well, maybe you’d like to keep that to yourself, too. We won’t judge.

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Where Should I Retire?

When you think about retiring, you may imagine yourself lounging on a beach of sparkling sand with a fruity drink in your hand and a wide variety of amenities available to you. Or you might picture moving near where your grandchildren live so you can spend plenty of time going to their sports games, musical concerts, and more.

Or, as another option, you might envision moving to where the cost of living is low, so your money can go towards traveling the world. You might dream of upsizing to the home you’ve always wanted, or perhaps you’re thinking about simplifying during your retirement years. You might want to buy an RV and spend this time of your life on the road!

Where to live in retirement depends largely upon your goals, and what’s perfect for you might not interest someone else at all. In this post, we’ll share information about what to consider in a retirement spot and what some of the most popular retirement spots are, and offer a blueprint to help you create your own unique plan.

We’ll also talk about the linchpin of whatever retirement plan you’re creating: the ability to fund it.

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Exploring the Latest FICO® Score Changes

Sometimes, managing finances can feel like a game—one whose rules aren’t always easy to figure out.

It can be doubly disturbing when those rules change unexpectedly. And according to a recent announcement by the Fair Isaac Corporation, the consumer reporting agency responsible for calculating FICO® scores, that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

Many consumers are familiar with their FICO Score, the three-digit credit rating used by many lenders to gauge a borrower’s creditworthiness. Even if they can’t name the exact number, most credit users likely know it exists.

But it’s less common to have a total understanding of how, exactly, that score is arrived at—and that’s before throwing in a formula change.

For most consumers, however, this FICO announcement is apt to be a total non-issue. And even for those whose scores are affected, there are tons of smart financial moves that can help mitigate the changes and potentially help raise overall creditworthiness.

Here are the deets about the 2020 FICO® Score changes.

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Instant Funding Now Available for SoFi Crypto

Last year, we added cryptocurrency trading to our SoFi Invest® platform. Since its launch, Bitcoin has become the most popularly bought or traded asset on all of SoFi Invest. Now, we’re ready to add to its convenience with instant funding.

Buying and selling crypto used to take a full business day to use your funds. But when you’re excited to make a trade, even a day might seem like too long.

Want to use your weekend to dive into some crypto trading? Sounds like a productive way to spend a Saturday! Starting this week, SoFi Invest members won’t have to wait until Monday to use their cash. Even on a non-business day, you will still get instant access to your funds in order to make a trade.

If you’re new to investing crypto, it’s worth noting that it is highly volatile and comes with a degree of risk. You can learn more about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency at our guide to crypto hub.

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