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5 FAFSA Considerations To Think About

If you think you’ll need to apply for federal student loans to pay for your college education, filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is mandatory. Filling it out is relatively straightforward, and doing so may successfully qualify you for multiple types of federal funding. But, you may find yourself needing some guidance in filling it out, and that’s perfectly normal.

To find assistance, check to see if a local high school or community college is offering a financial aid services FAFSA prep event. If so, consider attending because you may find it helpful to listen to people experienced in filling out the application. They can offer strategies and tips that can streamline the process, and answer your questions.

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Dating with Debt: Navigating Money, Love, and Politics

The Millennial generation has become synonymous with student loan debt, swiping right and left on dating apps, and taking a political stance, whether for the right, left, or anywhere in between. These associations also have a tendency to bleed together: beliefs about money, love, and politics all impact one another in interesting ways.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, we surveyed over 1,000 millennials (ages 25-35) across the U.S. to see how they are navigating these topics and found some trends that surprised us.

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6 Conversations to Have with Your Spouse Before Tax Season

When you’re working on your tax return each year, it’s tempting to get through it as quickly as possible, then forget all about the stress it caused.

But tax season is actually a great time to take a look at the year that’s behind you and use that information to plan for the years ahead—especially if you’ve made some major transitions in your life.

If you’re newly married, new parents, or new homeowners, for example—or expect to be sometime soon—your tax situation may change. And so, by extension, will the ways you budget and invest for the future. Look at it as an opportunity to sit down with your spouse, maybe with a glass of wine, and strategize.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Your Student Debt

Have you hidden how much student debt you have from friends or partners? Do you feel embarrassed when you think about your balance? Many people feel a sense of shame when it comes to their debt, and student loans are no exception.

In the U.S., 45 million borrowers now have a combined $1.56 trillion in student loan debt. For many people, student loans are the largest chunk of debt they will face in their lives, excluding a mortgage .

While most people are accustomed to going into debt in order to purchase a home, there seems to be more internal baggage associated with carrying around student loans. This shame and feeling of isolation can escalate if you have trouble paying your loans, if you didn’t graduate, or if you are struggling to find a job in your field.

Student loans can certainly feel like a burden and can take years to pay off, but they don’t have to be a source of embarrassment. Instead, you can shift your mindset to see them as an investment, just like a house or car—and, in many ways, better.

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Budget Friendly Spring Break Trips

If you’re already over the cold winter weather there’s some good news on the horizon: Spring break is almost here. Each year, millions of people pack their bags to head to sunnier, warmer places and live out their vacation dreams. You might think spring break is just for college kids, but guess what?

Not all travelers are 21-years-old and hoping to go to Daytona Beach in April. There are plenty of reasons to travel over spring break. You might be a teacher—whether that’s an elementary school teacher or a college professor—and you can only travel around school breaks. Or maybe you have kids in middle school, and you can only take a vacation during the children’s spring break.

Whatever your reason is for prioritizing a trip this spring, you should know that traveling doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet. Here are nine places where you can do spring break on a budget.

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