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What to Know Before Applying to a “Work College”

These days, heading off to college often means scrimping and saving, and borrowing student loans to make ends meet. As you’re applying to college and trying to find the right fit, it could help to explore a variety of options.

At some work college programs in the United States, students work in exchange for free or discounted tuition. While these programs are limited, work colleges may be worth exploring.

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group of adults at halloween party

6 Creative Halloween Party Ideas

This is the year. You’re in charge of throwing the big Halloween bash.

Organizing a Halloween party isn’t like hosting just any function. Everyone knows you’re expected to make the event gruesome, fantastical, and spooktacular—in addition to entertaining.

Searching for Halloween party ideas? Keep these six tricks—some appropriate for kids and some reserved for adults—up your sleeve to hold an event no goblin or ghoul will ever forget.

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sports stadium seats

How Important Are Sports in Your College Selection Decision?

If you’re a high school athlete, chances are you’re considering continuing playing your sport at college. And although your ultimate reason for going to college may be to get your chosen degree and prepare for your career and overall life, sports may play a significant factor in where you choose to go.

If that’s the case for you, you may want to consider these questions:

  1. How important are sports in your college selection?

  2. How important should they be?

  3. How can you benefit by participating in collegiate sports?

  4. What are some associated challenges?

Read on to learn some answers to those questions and more.

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podium with US flag

October Democratic Debate Recap

In our efforts to bring you the latest updates on things that might impact your financial life, we may occasionally enter the political fray, covering candidates, bills, laws, and more.
Please note: SoFi does not endorse, or take official positions on any candidates, political happenings or otherwise. Our reporting is for informational purposes only, and shouldn’t be construed as an endorsement.

Tuesday night, 12 democratic hopefuls took the debate stage in Ohio. The number of participants was record-breaking, but it did not keep the candidates from making sure their positions on major financial issues were heard loud and clear.

Here’s a quick rundown of the major financial topics discussed during the debate and how the proposed plans may affect your wallet in the future.

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fireplace in the winter

11 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Winter

Trying to get seasonal home servicing in the dead of winter or at the height of a blizzard could turn into a major fail. Why? The professionals you need may be backed up with other clients, or they simply may not get to you due to weather-ravaged roads.

The best time to winterize your home is before the winter happens. Although not all emergencies can be avoided with this strategy, there are some things you can do ahead of time to avoid trouble during the cold, dark weather days to come.

This list below details some tips for how to get your home ready for winter. It could help you as you start preparing your home for winter weather.

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