3 People From Different Walks of Life on Conquering Student Loan Debt

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SoFi Quarterly Career Trends Report — Spotlight on Livable Cities

At SoFi, we know how much time, effort, and money go into your education and career. We also understand that to make the best decisions, you need timely and accurate information. That’s why we create a quarterly career trends report. Read on to get the skinny on what’s happening in the job market today and how it all relates to you and those career goals you’re working so hard to achieve.

Don’t Miss our Interactive Guide to The Most Livable Cities in the U.S.  

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#SoFiStartups: From Failure to 1,000+ B2B Customers in 1 Year

Chiara McPhee and Jen Kessler are great friends and the owners of San Francisco-based Bizzy, a startup offering a state-of-the-art email marketing platform for ecommerce businesses in varied industries and stages. They each refinanced student loans with SoFi, and they’re members of our Entrepreneur Program, which not only allowed them to defer their student loan payments for up to 6 months, but also provides access to valuable mentors and investors. Read about how they grew their friendship into a business and made it past a near-crippling initial failure to success.

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3 People From Different Walks of Life on Conquering Student Loan Debt

The years following undergrad or grad school are filled with opportunities for you to own your career. Unfortunately for many, along with honing skills and making great connections comes a not-so-fun task: paying down student loan debt. On the plus side, since student loans represent investments in your future, they’re considered “good debt.” Yet, recent statistics put nearly 40 million Americans (including approximately 70% of bachelor degree recipients) in debt with student loans totaling about $1.2 trillion.

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JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson Discusses Why High-Trust Organizations Succeed

It’s hard to keep track of the many scandals that have shattered consumer faith in companies over the years. Negative buzz and outright crimes have caused prominent companies to crash and burn. But one of the things that can help prevent misdeeds, missteps, and outright company failure is trust. Building a culture of confidence strengthens business relationships, improves morale, and boosts interactions with clients, colleagues, and vendors.

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Four Ways to Build Your Career Through Conversations

Here at SoFi, our career strategy team is committed to helping your career flourish. Last week, we introduced our “Fundamentals for Career Success” series by focusing on your inner strength and developing resilience.  This week, we’re sharing more must-haves for your success and happiness by focusing on others and building meaningful relationships.  Read on, and don’t forget to register for our next webinar on mastering the art of conversation.

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