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Medical and dental resident
student loan refinancing

Don’t let student debt slow you down.

$100 monthly payments. Low rates. No compounding interest*.

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As a medical/dental resident or fellow, you have a lot to do. Compounding interest on your student loans shouldn’t stand in the way. With SoFi, you can refinance your federal and private student loans and reduce your payment to just $100/month for up to four years.*

Rates and Terms

Whether you’re looking to pay off loans sooner or lock in a lower monthly payment, we offer a range of rates and terms. There are no origination fees, and no prepayment penalties.

Fixed Rate

Rates start from 3.940% APR to
8.834% APR when you enroll in AutoPay.1

Variable Rate

Rates available from 2.740% APR to
7.410% APR when you enroll in AutoPay.1

Why refinance your student loans in residency?

Take control of your debt in no time.

SoFi’s application process is fast, transparent, and completely online.


Get pre-qualified online.

We’ll let you know if you’re qualified before you complete the full application.


Select your rate and term.

Compare the plans available to you with a choice of rates and terms.


Verify your info and sign.

Upload screenshots of your student loan statements, then sign your paperwork electronically.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Does SoFi refinance student loans for Medical Residents and Fellows?

Yes! SoFi will refinance student debt for medical residents and fellows before you become an attending physician. Residents will be required to make minimum monthly payments of $100 on their debt to SoFi until the end of your residency or fellowship program, up to 54 months. After this time, your loan will re-amortize and your payment amount will increase according to a fully amortized loan schedule.

Q: Am I eligible for a SoFi Medical Resident Refinance loan?

  • 1. You’re a medical resident or fellow with up to four years left in your approved program.
  • 2. You have over $10k in private or federal student loan debt.
  • 3. You have graduated from a selection of Title IV accredited university or graduate programs in the U.S.
  • 4. You meet SoFi’s underwriting criteria.

See SoFi.com/eligibility for additional information.

Q: When can I refinance?

Residents and fellows can apply to refinance once you have been matched to your residency or fellowship program. Applicants must be within 4 years of becoming an attending physician. Any fellowship or extended residency training period must be agreed to at the time of refinancing.

Q: What happens if I leave my residency program?

Upon completion or departure from your residency program, your loan will re-amortize and your payment amount will increase according to a fully amortized loan schedule.

Q: What terms do you offer?

SoFi offers 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 year fixed and variable terms. This means that if you refinance today, have four years left in your residency, and refinance to a 20 year loan term, as long as you make every payment on time, your loan will be fully paid off in 24 years.

Q: What happens to the accrued interest on my loan during the $100 payment per month residency period?

Interest that accrues while paying $100 monthly payments during the residency period will capitalize at the end of your residency period. This means that you will not be charged compounded interest on your SoFi loan during your residency period.

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