Automated Investing

Hands-off investing that’s always on.

You don’t have to follow the market to master it. With automated investing we’ll build and manage a portfolio for you without charging a management fee.

Invest now

It’s easier than ever to put your
money on a mission.

We take the stress out of investing by helping you with the hard part:
goal setting, rebalancing, and diversifying your money.

Goal planning

Whether you’re saving for retirement, a down payment, or just investing for later, we’ll help you make a plan to tackle multiple goals.

Auto rebalancing

We’ll rebalance your investments, which means adjusting your stock and bond funds on a quarterly basis, so your money is always invested how you want it to be.


Risk is real. That’s why we’ll diversify your portfolio so that your money is allocated across different kinds of financial investments.

The right way to invest? It’s up to you.

Everyone has different goals when it comes to their life, their money, and their investment plans. Click
below to explore some common financial goals and example investment strategies to achieve them.


Buy a home

Trip of a lifetime

Retiring early

Kids’ college education

Time is your
best friend.

Compound interest is basically “interest on interest” and it’s how your money can make money. Time is the magic ingredient—which is why the earlier you start investing your money, the better. That way you can ride the ups and down of the market over time towards your goals.

We’re here
if you need it.

Investing with SoFi gets you access to member benefits like career services, rate discounts on other SoFi products, exclusive events and experiences, as well as access to financial advisors to discuss big picture financial goals one-on-one—all at no cost.

Get started with
no minimums.

Investing is for anyone that can afford to do it—which is why you
can start with as little as $1. Make a one-time investment today, or
set-up a recurring payment if that works better for you.

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