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Introducing the SoFi 50 ETF

First came SoFi’s fee-waived* ETFs, SoFi Select 500 ETF (ticker: SFY) and SoFi Next 500 ETF (ticker: SFYX), providing our members access to diversified US equity for only $10 per share.

Then came the SoFi Gig Economy ETF (ticker: GIGE), a first-of-its-kind thematic ETF focused on the companies revolutionizing how individuals live and work. SoFi is now excited to highlight the fourth ETF in our line-up: the SoFi 50 ETF (ticker: SFYF).

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Introducing SoFi’s Gig Economy ETF

Groupon or GrubHub? Square or Paypal? eBay or Etsy? Who will win our business may be up for debate, but the question of how the gig economy is changing the future of work and commerce certainly is not.

When you think about the Gig Economy, you may immediately think of Lyft drivers and short-term rental hosts, but there are many other players and companies helping to make this shift in the workforce a permanent fixture of everyone’s daily lives to bring you what you want, when you want it.

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SoFi Fills Out Insurance Offerings Together with Lemonade and Root

Earlier today, we announced two new partnerships in the insurance space to include homeowners and renters insurance through Lemonade and auto insurance through Root with SoFi. These partnerships round out our existing insurance offering with Ladder , giving you access to more tools and services to protect your finances.

As with all SoFi products, we want to offer seamless online experiences, easy-to-understand services, and affordable rates.

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Introducing SoFi ETFs in Automated Investing

[Updated 4/19/19 to include our full statement: Like any other investment advisor, we make changes regularly to the composition and allocation of our members’ portfolios in relation to their investment objectives and risk tolerance. SoFi Select 500 and SoFi Next 500 provide comparable access to market segments at far lower expense ratios than those of other funds, as we have waived all management and trading fees. We notified our members in a timely fashion in accordance with regulations, and will continue to address individual member questions.]

SoFi is always searching for innovative ways to help our members get their money right. After some hard work and planning, we are excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of Automated and Active Invest product portfolios—SoFi ETFs (exchange-traded funds).

We constructed these ETFs specifically with SoFi members in mind. They’re intelligently designed, diversified, and appropriate for both beginner investors and those who are well on their way to achieving their investment goals.

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