Set up direct deposit to make the most out of SoFi Money®

For a limited time, get a $100 bonus with qualifying direct deposits.1 Log in to your account or follow the steps below to get started.

Set up direct deposit

How it works:

9 in 10 SoFi members agree—setting up direct deposit is easy.2


Download this pre-filled form, sign it,
and submit it to your employer’s
payroll department.


Wait for your direct deposit to hit
your account (which can be between 2-4 weeks).


We’ll deposit your $100 bonus into
your SoFi Money account.

Unlock all the benefits of
SoFi Money with direct deposit.

Set up direct deposit

No-fee Overdraft Coverage.

We’ll cover you up to $50 with no fees if you accidentally spend more than you have.

Supercharge your savings.

Earn 6x national average interest vs spending accounts.3

Earn cash back rewards.

Get up to 15% cash back on everyday expenses when you pay with SoFi Money.

Pay yourself first with AutoSave.

Saving for a trip? Building an emergency fund? With AutoSave, when you get paid—we’ll help you save.


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