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10 Travel Destinations to Beat The Summer Heat

Remember the long, cold winter days you spent cooped up inside wishing for sunnier, warmer weather? Those days are now a distant memory as the summer heat starts to take hold.

Sure, you could sit in the air conditioning, but who wants to spend all summer inside? And sometimes, fighting the crowds for a spot at the local pool, beach, or lake can be a headache.

If the rising temperatures have you searching for “cold places in July,” this list could be just what you’re looking for. Summer vacations don’t have to be all beaches and hot, humid days. Here are some cool weather summer vacations that could help you beat the heat this summer.

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pregnant woman

Affordable Babymoon Ideas & How to Pay for Your Trip

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Soon, your entire life will be filled with baby bottles, diapers, and … so many sleepless nights. Before you welcome a new life into the world, your to-do list will likely keep expanding.

From preparing the nursery and assembling a crib to creating a birth plan and baby-proofing the house, there is a lot to take care of. And we know it can be completely exhausting. While you are hustling to get everything ready before you bring your little one home, you might want to take a minute to slow down and enjoy this process. One way parents are doing this is by celebrating with a babymoon.

A babymoon is an excursion you go on with your significant other just before the birth or adoption of your child. It’s a time to kick back and relax just one last time. Sure, this trip sounds like another expensive baby-related item, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ideas on how to plan, where to go, and ways to finance your last getaway as a twosome without going overboard on the budget.

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woman outside with van

Going Mobile: Living the Van Life

There are over 5.1 million photos tagged with #vanlife on Instagram as of this writing. There are photos taken in the backs of vans and showing toes poking out of plush comforters that open up to sweeping beaches. They show dogs wearing handkerchiefs around their necks in converted vans, tiny kitchens, and adorable couples who’ve struck out on their own in rolling tiny spaces.

There’s no real way to tell how many people are actively living a van life, since no van life census exists. But it’s hard to deny that the trend has been growing and more and more folks are taking their tiny house dreams on the road. Maybe you’ve just landed a remote job. Maybe you’re looking for a huge project. Or maybe you’re just looking for a change in scenery (and another change and another change).

Regardless of your motivation, you might be about to make a huge change and you want to give some time and thought to the real cost of van life. Here are some costs and van life essentials to think about.

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4th of July drinks

Budget-Friendly Fourth of July Party Ideas

As darkness falls on the Fourth of July, Americans around the country gather to watch vibrant fireworks displays commemorating the patriotic holiday. But before the fireworks illuminate the night skies, Independence Day celebrations like backyard barbecues, pool parties, and parades will take center stage.

Hosting a party can get expensive, but we’ve compiled a list of Fourth of July party ideas that might keep your budget in check so you can still enjoy the summer fun.

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gift with confetti

9 Practical Gifts for a New Graduate

Graduation is an exciting milestone that serves as a marker for a new chapter in life. The next steps for high school graduates may include heading off to college—eager to pursue a college degree in the field of their choice. As a college graduate, after years of studying, they’re graduating with a degree in hand. They may be continuing toward a master’s degree or planning on joining the workforce.

As the graduates in your life embark on their next steps, they might need a bevy of new things to get them though. That’s why, as you’re racking your brain trying to think of what to buy a college graduate, it can make sense to gift them something on the practical side, something that might come in handy as they head off on their new adventures.

And hey, no one ever said practical needed to be boring. Here are nine useful gift ideas for the recent graduate in your life.

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