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Should You Take Out a Personal Loan for the Holidays?

’Tis the season to maximize your holiday budget!

Perhaps your holiday plans including flying to somewhere special to meet with friends and family, or maybe you’re planning to host a party for those you love. No matter how and where you’ll celebrate the season, you’ll want to decorate, create memorable meals, and buy exactly the right presents.

The problem, as you know, is that this can get expensive.

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What You Can Get For Your Money in Home Remodel

Getting new appliances or updating the plumbing in your home doesn’t need to be a pipe dream, but starting home remodels without a budget in mind can quickly become a nightmare.

Instead of ignoring your bank account and blindly charging your unexpected Home Depot runs, consider how much you can get in home renovations and updates for the money you’ve budgeted. With an idea of how much you can spend, you can get a better idea of where to spend it to maximize value, savings, and future return on investment (ROI).

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Strategies For Paying Your Bills

No one likes paying bills. And yet, for most of us, they are just a fact of life. There are bills for everything—from our cell phones to our electricity—and even though they are generally due every single month, sometimes it can be a challenge to stay on top of them.

Like most things that aren’t particularly pleasant to do, it can be tempting not to think about paying your bills. But avoidance is usually not the best way to get on top of things.

Sometimes, bills can be pretty regular. For instance, though your electrical bill may vary from month to month, chances are the amount will stay relatively reliable unless you buy some new appliance that suddenly starts driving up your costs.

The same goes for your phone bill. The amount you owe may stay stable unless you do something like take a one-hour phone call while roaming in another country.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Doing a Home Remodel

Home sweet home hasn’t been looking so sweet lately. Maybe you spend your days fantasizing about a kitchen any professional chef would dream of. Or perhaps you want to soak your worries away in a brand spanking new bathtub in your freshly tiled bathroom.

Your home is a sacred space, but it might take a little work—and money—to make your home feel that way. Whether you’re working on a fixer upper or want to give your home a mini-makeover, here are six home renovation questions to consider asking yourself before you launch into a remodel. Thinking about these questions out before you start home improvements could potentially save you a lot of time, money, and stress!

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