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Preparing Your Financial Go-Bag in the Face of Disaster

You may have noticed lately the increased incidences of extreme weather—everything from hurricanes to wildfires to a polar vortex. Of course, in the event of a natural disaster, your first obligation is to protect your family.

In advance of these events, most people think immediately of non-negotiable musts like food , water and other supplies (as well they should). However, it’s also a sound idea to make sure that your savings, investments, and other financial obligations are kept safe from the elements and the possible ravages of nature.

As more of our financial lives go online and are stored in clouds, we may tend to dismiss the possibility that natural disasters can wreak havoc on our financial records.

Should an emergency happen in your area, you and your family and friends may need to hang tight for several days before things return to a relative normal.

In this post, we suggest ways to consider how to protect your finances and investments from the physical damage caused by forces of nature. Just like your overall survival plan, protecting your money and financial records takes preparation.

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Dating with Debt: Navigating Money, Love, and Politics

The Millennial generation has become synonymous with student loan debt, swiping right and left on dating apps, and taking a political stance, whether for the right, left, or anywhere in between. These associations also have a tendency to bleed together: beliefs about money, love, and politics all impact one another in interesting ways.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, we surveyed over 1,000 millennials (ages 25-35) across the U.S. to see how they are navigating these topics and found some trends that surprised us.

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Budget Friendly Spring Break Trips

If you’re already over the cold winter weather there’s some good news on the horizon: Spring break is almost here. Each year, millions of people pack their bags to head to sunnier, warmer places and live out their vacation dreams. You might think spring break is just for college kids, but guess what?

Not all travelers are 21-years-old and hoping to go to Daytona Beach in April. There are plenty of reasons to travel over spring break. You might be a teacher—whether that’s an elementary school teacher or a college professor—and you can only travel around school breaks. Or maybe you have kids in middle school, and you can only take a vacation during the children’s spring break.

Whatever your reason is for prioritizing a trip this spring, you should know that traveling doesn’t have to mean emptying your wallet. Here are nine places where you can do spring break on a budget.

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How to Screen Dating Partners Based on Their Career

Looking for a life partner who is compatible with both you and your career ambitions isn’t always easy. Of course, there are plenty of online dating questions to ask before meeting—like what a potential date does and whether they enjoy their work.

And you probably already know how to check someone’s career out online. What does their LinkedIn profile say about their career path? How do they interact professionally on Twitter, and what topics do they engage with?

If you’re really looking for career compatibility, here are a few other things to keep in mind.

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Studying the Art of Love: Should You Go To The Same College as Your Significant Other?

Following the one you love to the ends of the earth may sound like an incredibly romantic notion. And, if it sounds that way to you, this would include going to college with your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend, right? Because college, wherever it’s located, does technically fall somewhere within the parameters of “to the ends of the earth,” doesn’t it?

Although we’re having a bit of fun and using some hyperbole when asking these questions, the dilemma can be quite real. Whether you’re finishing up high school and planning to transition to a college away from home, or you’re an adult returning to school and have a significant other attending college, you may be considering whether or not the two of you should attend the same school.

Like just about any other question in existence, of course, there are pros and cons to attending college with your sweetheart, and this post will explore them. We’ll also share how these reasons might evolve the longer you’re attending college together.

So, if you’re wondering, “Should I attend college with my boyfriend (or girlfriend)?” we encourage you to keep reading this post!

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