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Mortgage Rates are Low—Should You Consider Refinancing?

Waiting around for a good mortgage rate can make you feel a little like a ballplayer who’s been warming the bench—except there’s no coach to tell you when to get in there and play.

It’s up to you to decide if the timing and terms of any new loan are right for you.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines for a while, wondering when and if to jump in and refinance, you’ve probably noticed that mortgage rates are fluctuating with economic news but are still lower right now than they have been since late 2016. Simply put, right now the market’s hot, and it might be time to start the mortgage refinancing process.

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Salary Needed to Buy a Home in 10 Big Cities

Americans are a migratory bunch. We move for job opportunities, to be closer to the city (or farther), to be closer to family (or farther), or just because we love to adventure. Especially for young professionals, the lure to move to where the action is can be strong.

But the dream of owning a trendy loft in the heart of a big city doesn’t always come cheap. If relocation is in your future, here’s a look at the latest figures by the National Association of REALTORS© (NAR) on approximately how much income is needed to purchase a home in 10 big cities—the most expensive, and the least.

The honest answer to “How much salary may I need to buy a home?” is really an open question that depends partially on the cost difference of items on your “must-have” list, and that can include the type and size of home, the amount of land, the location, and a host of other factors.

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Tips for Finding Your Dream Home

There’s no place like home. It’s a haven from the hectic outside world, a place to relax, spend time with your loved ones, and truly enjoy yourself.

But finding a house that offers all the creature comforts your heart desires is easier said than done. It’s easy to get distracted, wistfully imagining relaxed Sunday mornings in the breakfast nook or making your home-grown produce dreams a reality. But, to get to that reality, you might have to put in some legwork.

The process required to find your dream home can be intimidating. It’s not just deciding what you want in a home—there’s a whole journey involved. Navigating the ins and outs of real estate and mortgages can be tricky, but with a little planning it’s possible.

Read on for a few ideas on how to find the house of your dreams.

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Top Real Estate Markets in 2019

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about who has the upper hand in the current real estate market—buyers or sellers. In recent years, the supply of existing homes for sale has fallen below demand, leading to a real estate market that tends to favor sellers.

Now, it seems the market may be changing, providing better opportunities for prospective buyers, at least in some locations. “It could even become a nationwide trend by mid to late 2020, as supply and demand conditions change,” according to the Home Buying Institute .

If you’re a homeowner—or hoping to become one—you’ve probably heard the terms “seller’s market” and “buyer’s market.” It’s all about how many homes are for sale, how many people are seeking to buy, and how that affects prices and the speed at which homes sell.

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Most Affordable U.S. Cities to Live In

Let’s admit it, everyone loves a good deal. From a killer happy hour, to a clothing sale, saving money can be satisfying—even life changing.

So imagine saving much more than on a meal or a new outfit. Living in one of the most affordable cities in the US could mean saving across the board. That means greater financial stability, and maybe even purchasing a home of your own—sooner rather than later.

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