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5 Reasons an RV Is Ideal for Summer Travel

In a perfect world, going on vacation wouldn’t mean sacrificing all the comforts of home. It would be possible to experience new places without ever feeling like you’ve left anything behind. House sharing and interesting new vacation rentals have come close to solving this problem, but there might be an even better solution.

Driving around the country this summer in a recreational vehicle (RV) might just be the way to hit the road. With loads of options from small vintage-inspired teardrop trailers all the way up to rolling mini-mansions, you’ll probably find something that fits your needs in an RV for summer travel.

Getting Started

The options for new RV’ers are as wide and varied as the destinations they’ll take you to. Some are small, some are big, some go offroad, and some might require a commercial driver’s license to pilot.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, there are probably going to be tradeoffs with some of the most popular RV’s. The good news is, you’re likely to have a lot of fun no matter which route you choose.

Tiny Trailers and Teardrops

Teardrop trailers have seen something of a resurgence in the last few years because they’re affordable, most cars can tow one, and, if you’re handy, you can DIY one. The range for teardrops is as expansive as the terrain they’ll help you explore. Teardrops can cost as little as about $12,000 all the way up to $60,000 (or more) for one with features like birch floors and wood trusses.

What you get in versatility and savings, you lose in space and creature comforts. You’ll likely have to figure out where to find a shower and take care of other necessities since teardrops don’t come with showers or bathrooms.

Pop Ups and Travel Trailers

Pull into any popular campground and you’ll probably see a fair amount of pop ups and travel trailers occupying sites. These RV’s are pulled behind an SUV or truck. Pop ups, much like the name implies, pop up into living space when you reach your destination while travel trailers have static living spaces.

Pop ups may require a fair amount of set up and tear down because they fold down into compact trailers. And, you’ll probably get more space with a travel trailer. Some pop ups and a lot of travel trailers have bathrooms.

An SUV or mid-size truck can usually pull a travel trailer. But, if you’re leaning toward a larger travel trailer, you might need a full-size truck. Pop ups can cost as little as $1,000 and run up to $15,000 and beyond. The average travel trailer can cost between $11,000 and $35,000 or more.

Class A’s and Class C’s

These are the RV’s you actually drive . They’re rolling houses that be can cool and retro or reach a length and opulence that’s almost palatial (for a vehicle at least). They can have everything: bathrooms, sinks, kitchens, extra sleeping space, pop out bedrooms, and satellite TV.

They can also come with a hefty price tag with average prices ranging anywhere from around $20,000 at the low end all the way up to $150,000 and sometimes even more. Still, all that money can get you an awful lot of good stuff.

Some folks claim the road trip experience can just be better driving a Class C. You get comfort and space and you can use your daily driver car as what’s called a “toad” in RV-speak (because that car is “towed” behind the RV).

Still thinking about taking the plunge?

Here Are 5 Reasons an RV Is Ideal for Summer Travel

Your Home Goes With You

This is pretty obvious, but taking your home with you when you travel could be huge. You can save money on hotel and vacation rentals by renting much cheaper campsites or using free campsites. And, since you’ve bought an RV this is a benefit that stays with for the entire life of the RV.

Dinner Is on You

For Americans traveling domestically, food and alcohol costs account for more than 25% of their travel expenses . You may be able to put a serious dent in those expenses by making food in the RV or outside the camper this summer, something that can be a challenge when you’re cooped up in a hotel room.

You Might See More

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to RV travel this summer. Hitting more than one destination on a typical vacation with flights and hotels and rental cars might get prohibitively and logistically expensive quick. With an RV you can pick up on a whim and go to whatever destination is speaking to you.

The Journey is the Vacation

While the lines at the airport security can be interesting, they’ve got nothing on the stuff you can see on the open road. Roadside attractions are weird, wild, and awesome. In an RV, you can swing by Cadillac Ranch , tour the world’s only Corn Palace , or make a quick pit stop at the world’s largest truck stop .

The RV Community

Buying an RV and taking that RV out might expose you to a whole new community of RV folks. Online clubs can help you learn RV travel tips and help you find new buddies faster.

Sharing space with people in the great outdoors, outside your RV, lends itself to friendliness and campground
. Try to remember the last time you waved to a stranger in a hotel hallway.

Your Summer RV Travel is Waiting

RV travel can open up a whole new way to spend your summer. You can see new things, live comfortably out of your vehicle, and explore the open road the way you want. A personal loan, while it can’t be used to purchase an RV, might be the perfect thing to kickstart your vacation and fund the rest of your epic road trip.

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