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Back to School List: Starter Phones for Young Students

Fall is approaching, and that means two things: fall leaves and the sounds of thousands of harried parents navigating increasingly long back-to-school lists. From pencils and notebooks to new school uniforms, your shopping list might be a mile long. For some parents, this back-to-school season will be the first time their kid heads off to school with a new cell phone in their backpack.

If grabbing your child their first cell phone is on your back-to-school to-do list, there are some important things to consider before handing over a tricked-out smartphone to someone whose brain might not be fully developed yet. Deciding to get a cell phone for your child is a personal decision. Here’s what to know when it comes to making that decision.

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Tips for Negotiating Your First Salary

Congratulations, you did it! You walked across the stage, got your diploma, and waded the treacherous waters of meddlesome job questions from friends, family, former professors, and even your pet iguana, Izzy. Now you’ve done what once seemed impossible: You’ve landed a job offer!

When landing your dream job—or any job—it’s easy to run straight to the champagne aisle. But before you pop the bottle and buy yourself sensible slacks, you’ll want to think about your salary.

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Innovation in Saving for College, SoFi at Work Adds 529 Contributions

Our vision for SoFi at Work—our suite of tools, products, and resources for employees made available via their workplace benefits or wellbeing programs—is to help build financial wellness across a company’s entire workforce and for every stage of life.

We have made significant strides in this mission through special programs for employer contributions to help pay down student loans as well as special rates on student loan refinancing. The latest innovation to the SoFi at Work program adds 529 college savings plan contributions.

Our employer partners have asked for this and we’re excited to make this new capability generally available. It comes through the acquisition of LEAF College Savings, the leader in college savings employee benefits. LEAF’s advanced payroll and HR integration technology make recurring employee contributions to 529 college savings plans simple.

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college student in dorm

7 Tips for Adjusting to Dorm Life

Adjusting to college dorm life can mean experiencing a lot of overwhelming sensations at once: excitement, stress, homesickness, loneliness.

But life in the dorms doesn’t have to be a total culture shock. While you are used to the comforts of living at home now, preparing for dorm life can be made much easier with these tips for how to settle in.

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Staycation Ideas to Try

Going on vacation sounds like a dream. After all, who doesn’t like jetting off to tropical destinations to sip on oceanside cocktails as the sun goes down? But, like anything in life, faraway vacation dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Between planning, paying for, and actually taking time off work to go on a trip it can all become too overwhelming. So much so that you may choose to not go on a vacation at all, wasting your precious earned time off instead.

But, what if we told you there was a better way? Meet the “staycation.”

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