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Tricks to Save Money this Halloween

Admit it. You love Halloween.

And what’s not to love with all the spooky costumes, festive parties, eerie decorations and killer candy assortment? But, one downside—besides the calories—is the cost to do it all just right. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to maximize the enjoyment of this holiday while minimizing the expenses.

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9 Passive Income Ideas to Make Extra Cash

Ever wish you could quit your 9-5 job but still have enough to live on? Are you looking for ways to supplement your income so you can afford that dream house or trip around the world? Or do you fantasize about being able to earn money while laying on a beach or pursuing your passion? These are some of the reasons that inspire people to turn to passive income.

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Easy DIY Home Projects to Improve Your Space

When it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects, “easy” can be a tricky word to define. If you have a crafty background or a few home improvement skills and tools, what’s easy for you may not be easy for someone else, and vice versa. And sometimes, “easy” doesn’t necessarily mean “fast.”

On the plus side, if you have two or three sets of hands doing the work, then a more in-depth and complicated project may be quite doable. So take a look at these “easy” DIY home projects to see which ones strikes your fancy, and then decide whether it’s a one-person job or one where teamwork matters.

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7 Tips for Investing in Today’s Market

Jumping into a nine-year-old bull market can feel overwhelming and you may question whether you’ve already missed the boat. Recent market volatility might also make you a bit anxious. Yet, despite what you might have heard about unstable financial markets, it’s important to consider the stock market in the long-term as opposed to focusing on the daily ups and downs.

And even if the market continues its rollercoaster ride, or takes a slight dip, as long as you’re investing money for the long haul, your account is likely to grow thanks to the power of compound interest.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start investing, the sooner you take a great first step in planning for the future. Here are seven investment tips for beginners on how to invest your money wisely in today’s conditions.

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Money Saving Tips: 5 Ways to Save Money on Big Purchases

You’ve got your eye on a big purchase, something you’ve dreamed of owning. So, now what? How do you know when it’s the right time to buy an item that isn’t really a necessity? Well, the first step is to evaluate your current financial situation, including how much money you have in your savings and investment accounts, and the bills you currently owe. Are there any significant expenses you anticipate coming soon? Do you expect any negative impacts on your finances in the predictable future?

If a review of your finances suggests that, yes, it’s reasonable to consider splurging on a big purchase, then it makes sense to determine how you can save money to get the best deal possible.

In this post, we’ll get into money-saving tips, tricks, and hacks to help you save money when buying a car, getting engaged, planning your wedding, going on a cruise, or buying a boat. We’ll also show you how using SoFi Invest can help position you so that you can potentially afford the purchases of your dreams.

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