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Balancing a Great Deal vs. Interest Charges

The dilemma: you’re in a store with an armful of essentials. You’re handing your treasures to the cashier, ready to check out, when they ask, “Would you like to open a credit card account and save 10% today?”

It happens in many a retail store across the country. Cashiers have been trained by corporate to wag the brochures in front of you, tempting you with even deeper discounts. This is your favorite store, right? You want a better deal, right? In the moment, it sounds fantastic—an extra 10% and you can simply put the purchase on that shiny new retail credit card and pay it off when you get home.

Except that a few weeks roll by and you’re back at the same store, tempted by yet another discount, so you whip out that plastic again. Pretty soon, bills come around and there doesn’t seem to be enough money in your checking account to cover the new credit card payment. Maybe it’s time to revisit this important question: How does credit card interest work again?

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The Lyft IPO: What Happened and What to Do Next

When ride-sharing app Lyft went public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) March 28, 2019 , the story was probably supposed to follow the same script as other tech unicorns (think Facebook and Etsy).

For these companies, the IPO meant a big cash raise and the debut of stocks that would surge in value. Facebook raised over $16 billion its first day and is currently trading around $190 a share. Etsy opened at $16 and nearly doubled the first day.

The IPO, the first time publicly traded stocks are offered for sale, can be a time of hope and celebration. Founders and early investors are hoping to make money, and individual investors have the opportunity to finally buy a share of a company they’re passionate about.

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National Student Debt Forgiveness in the 2020 Election

As the election cycle heats up in anticipation of the 2020 presidential election, national student loan debt relief is becoming a red-hot topic. Mark Huelsman , associate director of policy and research at Demos, shares that Americans can likely expect dramatic student-debt relief proposals, in contrast to previous election debates, saying that, “There is more consensus about the need to go big on college affordability than there has been in previous election cycles.”

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The Company Chat: IPO Boom of 2019

Industry insights, IPO updates, and fun facts about some of the world’s favorite firms.

So far, you might describe 2019 as the year of the unicorns. These are startup companies valued over $1 billion, and many of them—like Lyft, Beyond Meat, and Zoom—are hitting the market for the first time. But what’s driving this current trend in IPOs, and will it continue?

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What Is the Average Age to Buy a House?

Millennials come with a litany of perceptions. They’re sometimes stereotyped as lazy, not having or wanting jobs, and portrayed as bingeing on Netflix and probiotic drinks from the comfort of their parents’ basement.

With murky perceptions like this, it could be easy to believe that millennials aren’t interested in investing for their futures. Of course, this narrative is overly simplistic at best, and dead wrong at worst.

Many millennials have had to overcome major obstacles to homeownership that their parents didn’t have, such as college costs that are growing faster than wages and ever-mounting student loan balances .

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