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15 Fun Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day often includes breakfast in bed, flowers, or brunch with mimosas and a lovely gift. But this year, why not change things up a bit with an entire day that’s no work, all fun, and all about Mom. There are tons of fun things to do on Mother’s Day, ranging from traditional gifts and cards to experiences to a nice long nap.

Whether you’re planning something for your own mother, partner, daughter, or other moms in your life, one way to make the day memorable and thoughtful is to be on the lookout for clues to make it her best day ever.

Does she want to see a new movie or wish she had time to get her nails and hair done, or go for a hike? Maybe there’s a local festival she’s mentioned in passing, a winery she’s always wanted to visit, or a book she’s been dying to read.

Here’s a list of fun Mother’s Day ideas that can include the whole family, but are all about Mom.

Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Mom

Even if you’re an adult, and even if you have kids of your own, your mom still loves spending time with you. And if crazy lives have caused you to drift apart, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reconnect — especially when it involves her favorite things.

Going Antiquing

If your mom loves all things vintage, unique, or hard-to-find, you could map out a route to hit up all of the best antique stores, flea markets or estate sales in the area. Take time to browse, keep an eye out for treasure, and if something makes her eyes light up, make sure she takes it home.

Cleaning Her House

She did it for you for years and years, why not repay the favor? And a housekeeper doesn’t count for this idea. It’s more about you returning the kindness that she’s always shown you — and maybe even saying sorry for all those Legos she stepped on when you were a kid.

Visiting a Garden (Hers or Theirs)

April showers bring May flowers, and a stroll through a botanical garden can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and a great way to find time to just talk. Or, if she’s a gardener herself, you might put on a pair of gloves and join her in the dirt to plant, water, or just admire her handiwork.

Taking Her to the Movies

When’s the last time you and your mom went to the movies together? Let her pick the flick, and you could spring for popcorn and tickets. If there’s a fancy cinema grill in your area, treat her to a comfy chair, a meal, and a drink, too.

Coordinating a Family Picture Day

Especially if she’s also a grandma, your mom may take great pride in hanging family pictures on the wall. But for this gift, smartphone selfies won’t do — we’re talking outfit-coordinated, professional, canvas-wrapped prints of her whole matriarchy that she can show off to her friends when they stop by.

Bringing the Out-of-Towners, In

If any of your siblings live far away, you could help get them to town for a huge Mother’s Day surprise. Then tell Mom you’re hosting a brunch at your house — but don’t share the entire guest list. She’ll love the chance to hug her kids in person, and the rest of your family will enjoy the time reconnecting, too.

Taking Her Out for Painting and Pinot

If you have a paint-and-wine studio in your area, check to see if they’re having Mother’s Day activities like a themed painting for two or drink specials. It can be a fun way to relax, bond, laugh together, and maybe even make new friends. Even better? When class is over, you’ll both have a hand-crafted memory to take home.

Fun Mother’s Day Ideas for the Moms in Your Life

For the wives, partners, and other women in your life who are also mothers, consider these fun Mother’s Day activities that will let her forget about adulting for a while. The day-in-day-out of momming is tough, oftentimes thankless work, and giving her a chance to recharge her batteries for a day could be the ultimate gift (even if she insists it’s not necessary.)

Making It a Weekend

Is there somewhere she’s always wanted to go, but life has gotten in the way? Maybe she’s been wanting to try skiing, riding a new roller coaster, or visit a new city. This could be the weekend to go! Book a hotel or vacation rental, put together an itinerary that the whole family will love, hop in the car, and head for adventure.

Making a Photo Book

A few weeks before Mother’s Day, you could try to get some good photos of her and the kids. Then combine those with some of your other family favorites into a real-world photo book that she can look at without having to scroll through her phone.

Sending Her to a Passion-Project Class

Has she always wanted to learn calligraphy, or photography, or how to bake? Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to send her off to a class she’ll love while you stay home and take care of the kids. If she’s a fitness buff, it could even be a yoga class or new gym she’s been wanting to check out.

Giving Her “Me Time”

Whether you send her off to the spa for a massage and mani/pedi, draw her a bubble bath, or make her nest on the couch and hand her the remote, give her a day to decompress, binge a show she can’t watch with the kids around, or even just take a long nap. And when she wakes up, have dinner ready to go.

Going Glamping

It’s the perfect time of year to go camping, but unless she’s one who loves pitching tents and hauling supplies, you might skip the rustic and go for the glam. You could rent a cabin, or even a yurt, that has all the comforts of home. Create a Mother’s Day playlist for the evening and bring her favorite wine for sipping around the fire.

Taking Her on a Scavenger Hunt

Here’s an idea that puts the kids in charge. You could create a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt packed with hints, gifts, love notes, and other surprises. The littles will enjoy making and hiding the clues, as well as watching Mom make her way through the adventure.

Finally Finishing That Project

If there’s a project around the house that’s this close to being finished, you could give her the gift of checking something off the honey-do list. Finish repainting, organizing the garage, or building that trophy case — you can even enlist the older kids to help.

Starting a Mom’s Journal

You could have your kids create a journal just for Mom by answering questions about her and drawing pictures to illustrate their responses. It’s handmade, full of love and laughs, and can even become a yearly tradition using the same questions.

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