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Do Colleges Look at Senior Year Grades?

With your college acceptance letter in hand, you might feel like you’ve scored a free ride for the rest of the year. After a stressful fall of applying to schools and considering majors, the burnout is real. At this point, you might be tempted to let commitments slide and ride out the remainder of your senior year. Why do grades matter when you’re already on your way to your dream school?

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7 DIY Back to School Projects to Help Save Money

Setting your kids up for success in school involves big decisions like finding the right school for them and juggling their after-school programs with classes and family time. But there are little needs along the way, too: like school supplies to make sure that your kid is ready to take on the school day.

Back to school shopping list can easily grow out of control–backpacks, shoes, clothes, crayons, pens, notebooks and more. Theses costs can add up. For some families, this means being on the lookout for back to school savings.

Doing more DIY projects instead of buying new supplies could potentially reduce the money you spend on back to school purchases and also instill good money habits in your kids. Projects like these can help kids see that many materials can be given new life with the right creative project.

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U.S. Teachers vs. The U.S. Government: The Battle over Student Loan Forgiveness

In our efforts to bring you the latest updates on things that might impact your financial life, we may occasionally enter the political fray, covering candidates, bills, laws and more. Please note: SoFi does not endorse or take official positions on any candidates and the bills they may be sponsoring or proposing. We may occasionally support legislation that we believe would be beneficial to our members, and will make sure to call it out when we do. Our reporting otherwise is for informational purposes only, and shouldn’t be construed as an endorsement.

Student loan forgiveness has become (finally!) a hot topic in our national conversation, but it looks like the complex system that services these loans to begin with is in very sad shape. (Yep, another broken cog in the bureaucracy wheel.)

In fact, the shape is so sad that it’s actually violating federal law and even the Constitution. It’s looking like before any progress can be made on student loan forgiveness, the system has to first be straightened out so it can fly right.

Hopefully, this fix can be hammered out with the help of our justice system. On July 11, 2019, the American Federation of Teachers filed a lawsuit in federal court asking the U.S. Department of Education to fix the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program in order to meet legal standards.

A second request was included: have the department create an appeals process for those who feel they were treated unjustly.

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How to Approach Your Child’s Slipping Grades in College

Your child’s transition to college can be a time of great excitement. From the moment that he or she begins to apply to colleges, new horizons are opening up. Next come the acceptance letters, and then there’s choosing the right college for your child’s goals, moving him or her to college housing, and so forth.

Your child will likely make new friends, perhaps join clubs or other organizations, discover new interests, and so much more. But, what happens when you discover that your child’s grades are slipping?

How to deal with bad grades, of course, depends upon numerous factors, including how your child performed academically in high school, your child’s personality, reasons why grades are falling, and much more.

Fortunately, no matter why the grades are slipping (reasons may be immediately clear or they may take some investigating), this post will share helpful tips and strategies about what to do when your child gets bad grades in college.

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Pros & Cons of Being a Resident Advisor

When you first got to college, becoming an RA may not have been on the top of your to-do list. You probably imagined yourself heading out to fun parties with your friends on a Saturday night, not doing rounds in the dorm.

Now that you’re a full-time college student, the idea of becoming a resident advisor seems slightly more appealing. Sure, you’d have to deal with some negatives, but the job does come with its perks. Before you jump into life as an RA, it’s a good idea to think through some of the benefits and downsides to determine if it’s the right decision for you. Here are a few common starting points.

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