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Seeking Advice From Siblings on Student Debt

As the American student debt crisis looms, more and more families are being burdened. For 2018 graduates, the average student loan debt was $28,500 . So, while it may seem like you’re alone in dealing with your debt and you may feel like you are facing a lifetime of anxiety, know that 60% of student loan borrowers expect to pay off their student loan debt in their forties .

As with any difficult situation, it is important to have people to talk to. Financial advisors are helpful, but family and friends can also provide crucial support and guidance.

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Mad About Grad: Private Graduate School Loans for the Modern Student

One of the biggest investments a student can make is pursuing a graduate degree. Today, more than ever before, more people are taking on a larger amount of debt for master’s programs. We at SoFi believe you should be able to focus on your degree, not your debt. With our newly launched SoFiPrivate Student Loans for graduate school, we want to help you get low-rate loans that you can pay back on your own terms.

Just like our undergraduate student loans, launched earlier this year, our graduate school loans have no fees, competitive rates, flexible repayment options (deferred, interest-only, partial, and immediate), and a mobile-first experience. In addition to this, those pursuing their MBA or law degree will have access to specialty graduate pricing.

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7 Graduation Party Ideas for New Grads

The graduate in your life has spent years working toward this moment. They’ve donned their cap and gown and are ready to walk through the auditorium to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance.” Whether celebrating a high school or college graduation, it’s something to be commended.

As a high school student, your child has spent the past 12 years working toward their academic goal of graduating, and may be getting ready to head off to college in the fall. If they’re a college graduate, they have earned a degree and are getting ready to join the workforce or enroll in a graduate program. What better way to celebrate each milestone than with a graduation party?

If you’re in search of high school or college graduation party ideas to celebrate the accomplished graduate in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our suggestions for throwing a graduation party without breaking the bank. And we know that hosting can be stressful, so we’ve done our best to provide some creative tips to help make hosting the event as seamless as possible.

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6 Ways to Help Minimize the Stress of Exams

If you’re a college student, you’ll almost certainly need to take plenty of tests, especially during the midterm and final exam periods each semester. This can be a stressful time, as it’s likely these tests will have a big impact on your grades.

Strategies for how to handle exam stress most effectively will vary from student to student, but it’s important to get the emotional support you need from friends, family members, and classmates. For example, you could think about the good friend who makes you laugh and puts life into perspective—then call, text, or visit them.

Being prepared can also help you deal with stress. We’ve pulled together six strategies that might make test-taking season easier by ensuring that you’re well prepared.

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A Look Into Elizabeth Warren’s Free College Plan

In our efforts to bring you the latest updates on things that might impact your financial life, we may occasionally enter the political fray, covering candidates, bills, laws and more. Please note: SoFi does not endorse or take official positions on any candidates and the bills they may be sponsoring or proposing. We may occasionally support legislation that we believe would be beneficial to our members, and will make sure to call it out when we do. Our reporting otherwise is for informational purposes only, and shouldn’t be construed as an endorsement.

Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is taking charge of the heated national conversation regarding out-of-control college tuition costs. In April 2019, she released a $1.25 trillion proposal that addresses increasing college expenses and the widening student debt crisis.

“Higher education opened a million doors for me,” the senator wrote when she introduced the plan in a post on Medium . “It’s how the daughter of a janitor in a small town in Oklahoma got to become a teacher, a law school professor, a U.S. Senator, and eventually, a candidate for President of the United States. Today, it’s virtually impossible for a young person to find that kind of opportunity.”

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