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college student in dorm

7 Tips for Adjusting to Dorm Life

Adjusting to college dorm life can mean experiencing a lot of overwhelming sensations at once: excitement, stress, homesickness, loneliness.

But life in the dorms doesn’t have to be a total culture shock. While you are used to the comforts of living at home now, preparing for dorm life can be made much easier with these tips for how to settle in.

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Highest Paying Jobs Out of College

The term “entry-level job” might bring to mind dingy cubicles, fetching coffee, long hours, or a small paycheck. However, depending on your degree and qualifications, this may not be the case.

With the right diploma and experience, as well as a stellar job search and interview, you could catch one of these coveted roles. A promising role right out the gate could mean financial stability, and paying off those pesky student loans sooner.

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Dorm Essentials for Incoming Freshman

Let’s be real: shopping for your new dorm is one of the most exciting parts of going away to college. You might be leaving home for the first time ever, and are anxious to design a room that is somehow practical, comfortable, and well-designed all at once.

While there are plenty of lists that will tell you exactly what size sheets to bring and where to find the perfect set of plastic drawers, the reality is that there are some completely unexpected necessities you’ll need for your new home away from home. From multiple light sources to backup phone chargers, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate dorm room essentials list.

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college student with books

Should You Give Your College Freshman an Allowance?

It’s that time of year. Summer is coming to a close and that moment you have been waiting (or dreading) all season has arrived. Your baby is finally headed off to college. And while this new chapter in life is exciting for everyone, you might be asking yourself, “What is a reasonable allowance for a college student?”

Okay, maybe it’s not the first question you are asking yourself, but it’s a fair question that can run through parents’ minds. How will your child financially survive their first year of college? Will they have enough to enjoy the college experience?

The College Board reports tuition and fees for undergraduates attending an in-state, four-year college is a staggering $10,230 per year . And that’s not including room and board. Once you and your child get the cost of tuition taken care of, is there room for a college allowance?

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Do Colleges Look at Senior Year Grades?

With your college acceptance letter in hand, you might feel like you’ve scored a free ride for the rest of the year. After a stressful fall of applying to schools and considering majors, the burnout is real. At this point, you might be tempted to let commitments slide and ride out the remainder of your senior year. Why do grades matter when you’re already on your way to your dream school?

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