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Easy Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

If you’ve ever watched Chip and Joanna transform a Texas interior with their signature brand of minimalist, barnhouse chic (i.e. shiplap), you may have been struck with envy—and overwhelm. As beautiful as those HGTV homes look in their “after” shots, it usually takes a lot of work to get them there.

But even if you’ve never so much as cobbled together a piece of IKEA furniture, there are some easy home renovation techniques that will take your space from so-so to stunning, no heavy machinery required.

Here are some home remodeling ideas for beginners, whether you’re looking to spruce up your home for your own purposes or stage it for selling.

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wedding flowers

Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

Weddings are a rite of passage, but as any future bride and groom know, paying for them is a major headache. From the venue to the dress, wedding costs can be exorbitant, especially for couples dealing with other financial priorities.

Wedding flowers can be a pricey part of the big day, making up about 10% of a typical wedding budget . But what’s a wedding without a bouquet to toss?

Fortunately, there are ways to save on your wedding flowers without giving up your dream. Learn how you can find wedding flowers that fit both your budget and your vision board.

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house foundation

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Foundation?

Like the roots of a tree, your home’s foundation is essential. Without it, your home is anchorless, and if there’s a problem, the rest of your home will reflect that.

Not only does your home’s foundation keep the house standing up, it also works as a barrier for moisture, cold, and movement beneath the ground. Like a tree’s roots, the foundation is essential, and your home couldn’t be here without it.

The average foundation weighs 7.5 tons , and when built properly, it’s meant to last several lifetimes. Issues in your foundation will likely mean a costly repair, but nonetheless is essential to the health and longevity of your property.

Read on to get a proper foundation on foundations, as well as the types of repairs and costs associated with them.

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child's room with teepee

Converting Your Baby Nursery into a Toddler’s Room

Time flies when it comes to kiddos. Feels like only yesterday you were struggling to decipher the directions to assemble your baby’s crib—now as a toddler, your little one just tries to escape it most nights.

Ready or not, sounds like the nursery you worked so hard on is due for a bit of a makeover. As your baby enters his or her toddler years, it’s time to start thinking about how best to convert the nursery into a more toddler-friendly space. Change can be challenging for children but these nursery to toddler room ideas and tips could help make it a smooth transition.

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happy couple holding hands

5 Anniversary Trip Ideas

This year, instead of fretting over the perfect trinket to get your sweetheart for your anniversary, why not plan a vacation for the two of you instead?

Getting away with the person you love is an excellent way to re-energize your relationship, bond over a shared experience, and celebrate just how long you’ve been together on this crazy ride called life. No matter how many years you’ve been a pair, an anniversary getaway is the ideal excuse to go see that place you’ve been dreaming of.

So, where should you go? Here are a few anniversary trip ideas that may spur you into booking now, and even a few ideas on how you can pay for this much-needed lover’s trip.

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