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Do You Still Need a Physical Bank Branch?

When was the last time you spoke to a teller at your local bank? Actually stood there in person at that little window—or even pulled up outside at the drive-through – and deposited or cashed a check, or asked a question about your account?

If you just closed your eyes to think about it—or if the answer still eludes you — you may be ready to move on to a bank without branches. It’s a growing club.

Though plenty of bank branches still sit on city and suburban street corners, consumers are relying less and less on in-person transactions. According to a 2018 Citibank survey , almost half of consumers – including nearly two-thirds of millennials —have increased their mobile banking usage in the last year.

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How Emotions Affect Your Finances

What is it about money and the heart? We try to make rational decisions about buying houses, investing for retirement, even something as simple as deciding on a household product. We think we can take emotion out of the equation.

The truth is, we can’t. There’s no such thing as a completely logical decision. Every choice we make is a mix of rational thinking and emotional desire. And that can be a dangerous cocktail when your personal finances are at stake.

What’s more, most people are largely unaware of their subconscious desires and motivations and fail to take them into consideration when making decisions. You can help to make sound financial decisions every day if you follow some simple guidelines. Even better, you can improve your decision making by taking the steps to uncover the emotion behind the money.

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SoFi is So Ready for 2019

Earlier today, we invited a small group of reporters to chat with our CEO Anthony Noto about what we accomplished in 2018 and what we have in store for 2019. We thought you might be interested to hear what he had to say, too!

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Transitioning into Public Service after Law School

Did you go to law school dreaming of working in public service? Maybe you wanted to fight to protect the environment, hold corrupt corporations accountable, or defend free speech. Or perhaps you wanted to go to bat on behalf of people experiencing discrimination, persecution, or predatory behavior.

When it comes time to actually graduate with your J.D., however, figuring out how to make a public service career work can be daunting. The vast majority of your peers are embarking on high-paying jobs with corporate law firms. Meanwhile, you likely have a bunch of student loans that you’ll need to start repaying soon, which can be challenging on many public interest salaries.

Despite these downsides, about 30% of 2017 law school graduates went into public service jobs after graduation, among the highest share ever recorded. Of those, about 7% of graduates chose to work at public interest organizations. If you want to make a public service career work, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

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