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How to Use Tech to Buy a House (and Take Your Hunt to the Next Level)

We use tech for just about everything these days. If the need exists, as they say, “there’s an app for that”—whether it’s food delivery, laundry service, or borrowing a car.

So for the complicated process that is searching for your first home, it’s no surprise that a few innovators are giving it a tech upgrade. Apps and online tools simplify the more labor-intensive parts of house hunting, from learning real estate lingo and weighing mortgage options to finding new listings and investigating neighborhoods.

Here’s a tour of some of the most useful house-hunting websites and real estate apps to use on the path to buying your dream home.

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Millennials Find Apps More Helpful for Personal Finance Than Dating—But Still Aren’t Reaching Financial Goals.

Earlier this month, we shared results from our 2017 Millennials and Financial Resolutions survey. We discovered several trends and recent events that impact how millennials are thinking about forward-thinking financial topics. This week, we review the results of a second survey we conducted to learn why these young professionals aren’t reaching their financial goals, and how they compare to other generations.

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Isn’t It Time We Made Investing a Rich Experience?

Investing is a funny business.  Whether you invest on your own or you use an advisor, if you own stocks or bonds, you’ve probably had to answer a few questions about your investment style.  Questions, such as “Which portfolio would you choose?” and “How much do you know about investing?” These questions are intended to measure your risk, and, correspondingly, put you in the best portfolio for the amount of risk you are willing to take.

While well intended, this approach is a ridiculous way to drive investment decisions, particularly given the technology available today. 

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