September Reading Roundup

September Reading Roundup

Summer sunsets and vacation bucket lists are turning into fall leaves and back-to-school shopping lists. But if you’re not quite ready for fall, you’re not alone. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to boost your fall savings or ways to get free college tuition, we’ve rounded up some tips that may help you ease into fall on the right foot!

Fall Savings

Did you spend a little too much on summer fun? Or did you forget to budget for back-to-school shopping? Before breaking out the spreadsheets, you may want to start planning your fall savings goals by first simply learning more about money, especially if you’re a college student looking for ways to cut down on costs during school.

You could try reaching your savings goals through couponing . If your fall goals require more than just a financial trim, such as saving for a home, you could look for ways to save on unavoidable expenses. For instance, you may want to learn about tips that could help you keep your car in tip-top shape, or tips that help prepare you for buying a
without ruining your budget.

Looking for more ways to save? You could review your monthly subscriptions and other ways to improve your fall financial situation with tips that take just minutes to implement. And if you’re getting stressed, consider taking a break from your budget planning by reading these amusing facts about money!

Finding a Side Hustle

Is your budget still not where you want it to be? A fall side hustle may be the answer. Even if you’re busy with work, school, kids, or other obligations, there are still myriad side hustles that could work for you! You can also consider stacking smaller, lower-paying side hustles to beef up your bank account over time.

Not all side hustles require you to take on extra jobs. Consider learning more about high-paying assets , such as renting storage spaces in your home, that could provide some extra income. Are you planning to declutter your home before the holidays? You could also consider selling unwanted items online or at second-hand stores.

Back-to-School and Office Shopping

Students aren’t the only ones who may need back-to-school gear this year. Many offices are returning to the workplace, and if you haven’t been working in-person for over a year, you may also find yourself needing to shop for notepads, pens, folders, and other essentials. In-demand items like clothes and technology may set your budget back. If you’re a computer science major, work in tech, or work in another field that requires up-to-date hardware and software, those expenses could add up even quicker.

However, you could save on these expenses using back-to-school shopping tips (which also could work if you’re looking for office supplies, too)! Do you have a freshman moving into dorms this year? You may want to check out these dorm shopping tips before hitting the shopping aisles to help maximize your savings.

Fall Weddings & Other Events

Planning or re-scheduling events like weddings and graduation parties this fall? If your original plan for bridesmaids dresses are now out of season, consider looking at these fall-themed dresses for inspiration. Need to send some invitations? You may want to check out these eco-friendly digital invitation options that can also save time and money.

Are you worried your celebration will get canceled again, or are looking for smaller, more socially distanced ways to celebrate? These staycation alternatives could be cheap and easy ways to have fun when your original plans fall through. You may also consider a smaller boys’ or girls’ weekend if you’re trying to avoid crowds while you celebrate.

Relaxing and Destressing

Are you feeling stressed thinking about your fall budget, returning to school or the office, and planning for all those fall events? If you still have a few days or weeks before your fall schedule is in full swing, you could try squeezing in some fall fun , such as hay rides or nature walks, before your calendar fills up with work and life obligations.

If you’re social distancing this fall, you could consider picking up a hobby that can help you unwind after work or school. If you’re not going out, you could also enjoy the tastes of fall at home with these hot cocktails . Prefer wine? Consider checking out these white wines or unwinding with a nice rosé !

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