How to Protect Your Credit and Online Data From Fraud—A Year After The Equifax Breach

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The Young Professional’s Guide to Financial Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung – at least officially – and with it the urge to open all the windows, break out the broom and clean house.  But why stop there?  Your finances can also benefit from a little spring cleaning, and it’s something you can do even if it still feels like winter outside.

As a busy young professional, it can be tough to closely monitor your money situation on a daily basis.  But if you’re willing to spend a few of these extra daylight hours getting organized, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress and even cold hard cash in the long run.  Here are six essential and effective ways to do it:

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4 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund (That Actually Pay You Back)

April 15th is a few weeks away; have you filed your tax return yet?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.  The IRS reported last week that it has already received about a third of the individual tax returns that it expects to process this year.  They’ve also issued more than 40 million refunds so far, at an average amount of $3155.

Investing your tax return instead of spending it

If you’re one of the happy refundees, that money may be burning a hole in your bank account as we speak.  Before you squander it on something you won’t remember by tax time next year, consider using it for something that can actually help you save or even earn money in the long run.  Here are four ideas:

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Is Student Loan Refinancing Right for You? [Infographic]

Student loan refinancing can have a huge impact on a borrower’s bottom line, saving you thousands or sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan(s).  So how do you know if this option is right for you?  We’ve created this handy guide to illustrate the common characteristics of eligible borrowers, including four examples based on the profiles and savings of some of our real borrowers.

Want to know if student loan refinancing is right for you?  Read on to find out!

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Is There a Bright Side to Student Loans?

What comes to mind when you think of student loans?  If you’re one of the 37 million people that are currently repaying student debt, your first thought is probably of the painful deduction that comes out of your bank account each month.  Or maybe you picture someone you know who’s currently struggling with his or her loans.  Or you recall an article you saw about the “student loan crisis.”

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