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Is your employer life insurance policy enough coverage?

How Life Insurance Independent of Your Employer Puts You In Control

When you start a new job or need to select company insurance benefits during open enrollment, you’re given a menu of options, such as dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. While opting for life insurance is pretty much a no-brainer, assessing your needs and reading the fine print can be flat-out daunting.

It’s tough to focus on future needs when current bills and student loan payments loom. We get it. And it’s even tougher to think about the end of your life when you’re so focused on living it to the max. But making sure you not only have life insurance, but also have the right amount is part of adulting—a very important part, especially if you have or are considering a family.

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Yields and the Dollar: Onward and Upward – Week of Nov. 30, 2016

The Trump theme discussed in our last commentary continues to drive markets. The promise of infrastructure spending and tax cuts have driven Treasury yields higher and strengthened the dollar almost relentlessly since the election three weeks ago.

So-called “animal spirits” and self-fulfilling expectations can often move markets. However, this rally has been accompanied by solid economic data that supports the narrative of faster growth and inflation. With the risks of a post-election panic diminished, we have reduced fixed income duration in our portfolios in order to avoid capital losses from rising real interest rates.

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3 people who used a personal loan to consolidate credit card debt

3 People From Different Backgrounds Who Took Control Of a Combined $120K in Credit Card Debt With Personal Loans

In the latest of our 3 People series, we meet three women from diverse backgrounds, cities and careers, who open up about overcoming financial adversity caused by credit cards. Each person’s credit card debt was caused by a different reason, yet each used a SoFi personal loan to take control of their debt and get their finances back on track.

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2017 MBA School Rankings

SoFi’s “No BS” 2017 MBA Rankings Examine Salary vs. Debt

They’re back! We analyzed more than 60,000 student loan refinancing applications from January 2014 to September 2016 to tally SoFi’s “No BS” Return on Education 2017 MBA Rankings. MBA seekers should dive in, because this data matters more than a stunning campus or which successful CEO is an alumnus.

Grounded in verified income and debt—not just reported figures—our rankings represent an accurate and objective look at outcomes for those who are three years out of school. And that’s the whole point of getting your MBA, right? To graduate and earn a strong salary that isn’t eviscerated by student loan debt!

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