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Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger in 8 Easy Steps

If you feel claustrophobic whenever you enter the loo, you might be racking your brain for ideas about how to make a small bathroom look bigger. Many apartments and homes have small bathrooms—but there are often ways to make better use of the space, or to decorate it so that it doesn’t feel as cramped.

Chances are, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. It’s likely where you start and end your day, so you want it to be a place you can relax in and enjoy. With a few small changes, you could change your bathroom from a cramped space you avoid to a sanctuary where you can decompress.

Whether you want to get creative with paint or color schemes, add some mirrors, or completely gut the space and renovate it, there are lots of ways to make a small bathroom look bigger.

1. Considering Your Colors

One of the easiest ways to give the illusion your bathroom is bigger than it actually is is with a little bit of paint. When it comes to choosing a color scheme that will make a small space feel more expansive, lighter colors are best.

Dark colors or wallpaper will make the space look more visually busy, which can give the feeling of a confining space. In contrast, light colors will help to open it up . Worried that your space will look drab? You could use colors as accents. Towels, décor, and other accessories can make the space pop.

2. Mirror, Mirror

When it comes to how to make a bathroom look bigger, you can’t go wrong with mirrors. Big mirrors give the illusion that the space is deeper than it actually is. They also help refract light in ways that make the space seem larger.

But while you might be tempted to get a mirrored cabinet for above your vanity so that you can get some added storage space, that plan might backfire. If it juts out from the wall, it could make the room look smaller.

Mirrored décor or mirrored storage pieces might also help make the room look more expansive.

3. Storage Is Key

One thing that will quickly derail your attempts to make a small bathroom look bigger is clutter. The more things you have in your space, the more visually “busy” it seems. This can make the space look smaller than it actually is.

To limit clutter in your bathroom , you might want to store only things that are absolutely necessary in the space. Extra towels can be stored in the hall closet and so can hair products that you only occasionally use. You could store as much as you can where it can’t be seen—like in drawers in a vanity.

If you don’t have room in your vanity, you could get a tray to arrange your products tidily on the counter or buy a slim storage cabinet for the things you need to have in the bathroom. Keeping everything organized could create a cleaner visual and keep your eyes from being overwhelmed.

4. Finding a Smaller Vanity

A lot of older homes or condos have a big vanity with lots of storage space. While that might be handy to store all your stuff, it takes up a lot of square footage in your small space and can look clunky.

For extremely small spaces where you don’t need a lot of storage, a pedestal sink or floating vanity might be a good solution. You can get these in a variety of sizes to fit your bathroom.

5. Changing up Your Shower or Bath

Many homes have an enormous bathtub or shower that takes up a huge part of the space. In fact, they often have a bathtub/shower combo that requires a shower curtain. But that also closes up the space and makes it look smaller.

If you’re really committed to making your space seem bigger, one option is a complete remodel of your bathroom. Gutting your shower and bath combo in favor of a walk-in frameless shower with glass doors is one effective way to open up your space and make a small bathroom look bigger. Plus, renovating your bathroom might increase your home’s value if you plan on selling down the road.

6. Letting Natural Light In

Another way to increase the perceived size of your bathroom is to let in more natural light . While you could install bigger windows, it might be easier to simply change up your current windows or blinds to allow for light to more easily enter. That could mean getting rid of frosted glass or curtains.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, pay attention to your lighting. Soft and plentiful artificial light will also make a small bathroom look bigger since there won’t be any dark nooks and crannies.

7. Recessing Your Cabinets

If you are installing a vanity or a storage cabinet, you could recess them into your walls . You might be able to take advantage of the few extra inches of space in your walls to increase your storage area while reducing the impact of your cabinet or vanity on the size of the space. Economizing on space is critical when it comes to how to make a bathroom look bigger.

8. Tiling Wisely

When it comes to making a small bathroom look bigger, tile can play an important role. Light-colored floor tile or other flooring can make the space seem more expansive. But tiling can also help in other ways.

If you have an open shower, extending tile all the way up to the ceiling can emphasize the high ceilings in your space. By cutting off the tile at a lower height, you could cut the space in two.

Paying for the Updates

When it comes to making do with your small bathroom, these tweaks can make a huge difference. If you’re planning on going for a bigger project, or want to completely overhaul the space, you might need to plan for the expense. One potential way to cover the cost of a home renovation is to look into a personal loan.

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