Millennials Are Seeking Prenups—and It Might Just Be Worth Considering

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When to Prepay Your Student (and Other) Loans

With some of our borrowers getting bonuses and moving up in their careers, I’ve gotten a few questions about when one should pay off their student loans.   I’ll answer that here (spoiler: it depends).  I’m going to caveat this blog by saying I’m not a financial planner, these are my opinions only and you should independently get planning and tax advice from your advisor.  Now with the legalese out of the way, on to the blog.

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I got a request to write something about the recent fall in gold prices.  Gold had rallied the last decade through a combination of “it’s the end of the world” buyers and concerns about inflation.  These concerns are now getting replaced with expectations for high real rates driven by growth and a Fed exit, and from expectations of low inflation.  Consequently, gold has suffered.  Oil – another hedge fund commodity favorite – has held on to its gains, showing support for some industrial commodities (and supporting a growth thesis – sort of).

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Will Rates Ever Go Up?

We have a healthy macroeconomic debate going on at my hedge fund these days.  It’s about interest rates.  Our chief economist, Mike Dooley, thinks the US economy is about to catch fire, and sees a real chance of 10-year rates over 3% by year end on the back of an imminent Fed hike in rates.  While Dr. Dooley has always been a perma-bull, this recent bout of optimism has me thinking he spent too much time in Golden Gate Park on April 20th.

Under the haze of smoke, they began to shout “10-year Treasuries at 3%!”

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An Income Based Panacea? Think Again.

Much has been written about the new income based repayment (IBR) rules the President recently signed into law. Notably, maximum payments on qualifying federal loans are now capped at 10% of disposable income rather than 15% before, and after 20-years, any remaining balances are forgiven, versus 25-years before.

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