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Pretending Your Student Debt Doesn’t Exist Could Be More Stressful

Ignoring a problem in the hopes that it’ll go away can feel very appealing on the surface. But while engrossing one’s self in the latest TV drama might be a good distraction, it isn’t actually going to resolve anything. This is especially true when it comes to student loan debt. If you pretend it doesn’t actually exist, you’re not going to make it disappear, and you may even make it worse.

If student loan stress is causing you to lose sleep, you’re not alone. Stress from debt can have an impact on some people’s mental health. A 2017 report found that 80% of working professionals with student loans claimed that their debt was a ‘significant’ or ‘very significant’ stressor in their lives.

A great way to potentially counter stress from debt is to craft an action plan to get ahead of your debt. Help take charge of your student debt with these five tips.

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St. Patrick's Day socks

7 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas on a Budget

Winter can be bleak. Short days, long cold nights, and countless snowstorms can take a toll. But come March, there is one emerald green bright spot. St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for all.

There are tricks and treats from mischievous leprechauns that keep kids entertained and plenty of green beer for the adults. March 17 is right around the corner so get your green ready to avoid being pinched by a leprechaun (or your significant other).

If you’re playing host this year and are looking for some St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, we’ve got you covered. These fun festive ideas will have you and your friends feeling the luck of the Irish, all while helping to keep you under budget.

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Housing & Mortgage Trends for 2019

Looking to buy or sell a home this year? While doable, 2019 could potentially be one of those years in the real estate market where it gets a little harder for both the buyers and the sellers.

Overall, the real estate market could remain in favor of sellers—called a “seller’s market ”—as compared to being on the buying end of the equation. This is a continuation of what we’ve seen for the last five-plus years .

Compared to the beginning of last year , some forecasts predict that home prices will grow more slowly , which could be good for buyers, but mortgage rates have also increased . Ultimately, this makes homes less affordable for buyers.

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Traveling on a Budget to Support Your College Basketball Team this March

It’s down to the last few seconds. The star point guard steals the ball and dribbles his way down the court. Swish—the buzzer sounds. The game is over and your team is headed to the big tournament.

Every March the 68 teams compete in a frenzy of competition in the big basketball tournament . It’s competition at its best, the fans are loud, the rivalries are tense, and the games are exciting. It’s no wonder that thousands of fans travel in order to show their support for their favorite teams.

The excitement kicks off March 17th on selection Sunday . While supporting your alma mater or favorite college basketball team can be thrilling, it can also get expensive.

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February Monthly Market Commentary

The Rise of the Activist Investor

If you’ve been keeping up on the news, you may have heard about SoFi’s latest hands-on way to put your money to work through Active Investing. But are you familiar with the class of investors bearing a similar-sounding title, who are driving dramatic change in the market?

For the uninitiated, activist investors are individuals who buy shares at a public company with the intent of gaining a seat on the board and affecting major change.

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