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Top 10 Movies About Money

There’s something inherently dramatic about money that makes it uniquely suited for the big screen. It could be the dramatic rise and fall of the stock market. It could be our strong desire to predict what the markets will do, only to be surprised once again. Or it could be the fact that money is everywhere.

Everyone is impacted by it. We’re all working toward our next paycheck, to buy a car, buy a house, start a family, so it’s no wonder that Hollywood has cashed in on the drama, developing countless movies about making money.

Great money movies offer insight into the financial industry while also creating a compelling, captivating, and entertaining story. From Wall Street to The Big Short, filmmakers have mastered the art of making movies about making money. If you’re looking for good movies about money, we’ve got you covered. Here are our 10 top money movies.

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Should You Make Big Purchases While in School?

When your grad school roommate gets a new TV, it can be tempting to make a similar purchase for yourself. After all, it might be the first time you’re really on your own and starting your life as an independent adult.

Perhaps you have more money at yourb disposal than you ever have by working part-time jobs or summer gigs. Or maybe you’re combining your life with a partner or starting to have kids, and you need to accommodate your growing family.

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March Monthly Market Commentary

Denim, jets, weed…and witches? That’s just the start.

The first quarter of 2019 is behind us, and last month was particularly interesting. Don’t have time to read financial papers end-to-end every day? Have a life and other responsibilities and stuff? We got you—here are six things to note as you make your next market move.

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Spring Cleaning Your Finances: 6 Tips for Getting into Financial Shape This Year

If you like the idea of a good spring cleaning—clearing up the clutter and sprucing up your home to make a fresh start—why not do the same thing for your finances?

The end of tax season is a great time to reevaluate your saving and spending habits and organize your finances. You can even brag to your trendy friends that you went all Marie Kondo on your paperwork and “sparked joy” by getting a better grip on your budget.

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Top Retiree Investment Regrets

If there’s an American Dream for retirement, it probably includes telling your boss to lose your number, unplugging the alarm clock, and moving somewhere that’s 72 and sunny year-round. It’s a worthy goal, but it doesn’t just magically happen when you turn 65. When you look more closely, you’ll find that retirement could also mean learning to live with more time—and less money.

It doesn’t mean you’ll never live on the beach in retired bliss. But retirement does require planning, foresight, and a solid grasp on your finances that needs to start long before you decide to leave your career.

To help you try to retire without regret, we put together a list of the top financial planning tactics that retirees wish they had done better, sooner, or longer. This is straight from retirees who’ve been there, done that, and wished they had done something differently.

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