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Planning an Affordable Bar Trip

After 19 years of education—12 years in primary school, four years of undergraduate study, and three years of post-graduate work—you’ve finally done it: You’re a lawyer. Well, almost.

Before any graduate can practice law, he or she must take the bar exam . After years of school and countless hours of studying, your legal career will come down to passing the bar exam. Typically, graduates walk across the stage in May, then take the bar exam in their state of choice the last week of July (although most states administer the bar exam during the last week of February as well).

Then, they must wait to confirm their bar results and start working as a first-year associate. And all that adds up to is a ton of time off with nothing to do between taking the bar and starting a job. Nothing to do but celebrate, of course.

What do students do while waiting on bar exam results? The time-honored tradition of “bar trips” takes place each year during those few weeks after the exam and actually receiving the results.

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Why Millennials Are So Behind In Investing

There’s a growing consensus these days that millennials are behind their Gen X and Boomer counterparts when it comes to investing trends. But is it true? Depending on which study you read, the answer is yes … and no.

While some millennials appear to be saving early and often, with their eyes on a seven-figure prize, others say they struggle on the daily just to pay the bills. But even for millennials who have money to bank, a hesitation to invest in stocks has left them a little behind the curve.

We can’t really blame them for being wary. The oldest millennials were in their late 20s and just starting their careers when the market crashed and burned in 2008. And if they had invested in the stock market up to that point, watching their portfolios disappear while corporations received billion-dollar government bailouts certainly gave them a reason to distrust Wall Street.

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7 Student Loan Myths Debunked

When you’re busy focusing on exams and your bustling social life, it’s easy to let the details of student loans fade to the background. But student loans can be tricky, so it’s important to understand what you’ve signed up for when you borrowed them to fund your education.

We’re debunking some common student loan myths to help you feel more prepared with the knowledge you need to stay on top of them and in control.

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How to Afford Traveling After College

After classes are over, finals have been taken, and mortarboards have been hung up, recent graduates pack up their suitcases for a trip of a lifetime. Taking a big trip after graduating from college has become a time-tested rite of passage.

Many new grads jet off to Europe or South America for the summer soon after the graduation ceremony ends. Usually, traveling after college serves a dual purpose: it is both a way to celebrate your huge accomplishment and to have some fun before joining the permanent workforce.

The only problem is that with many students graduating with hefty student loan debt and no source of income yet, funding your dream college graduation trip can be difficult. The good news is that, whether you’re planning an ecotourism trip to Belize or a classic tour of Italy, there are ways to make your dream trip happen.

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A Guide To Grocery Shopping With Student Debt

A girl—or guy—has gotta eat. But how do you make sure you eat well while paying off student loan debt? You don’t have limit yourself to a diet of canned beans and ramen while repaying your student loans.

With some careful planning, you’ll be able to eat healthy, nutritious, and delicious food, while still having enough money to double down on your debt. If you’re looking for a way to save on groceries, we’ve got you covered. These 10 tips and tricks can help you learn how to budget for food so that you can satisfy all your cravings.

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