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5 Ways to Manage Your Boss — And Why It’s Worth It

Building a strong relationship with your boss is a critical part of your career success. And it’s not just because a boss you get along with might be more likely to offer you a raise or promotion, or write you a great recommendation.

When you’re on solid footing with your manager—when you trust and respect each other, work smoothly together, and communicate seamlessly—you’re more productive and motivated. And when you’ve got that going for you, you’re healthier and happier.

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How to Create a Budget You’ll Actually Follow in 6 Steps

Maybe you hate budgets. Maybe the idea of tracking your cash and being mindful of every cup of joe you purchase makes you want to hit the nearest wine bar. But here’s the thing: You have retirement goals, right? And things you’d like to do this week or next month, yes? Budgeting helps you hit those goals. An effective spending plan makes it possible to save toward a big trip, a down payment on a house, put money away for retirement, and pay down debt. It also helps you stay in check so you don’t overspend and miss opportunities to build wealth. (And who doesn’t like building wealth?)

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