How to Protect Your Credit and Online Data From Fraud—A Year After The Equifax Breach

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The Return of King Dollar

King dollar is back.  For the last decade, the dollar has generally been inversely correlated to the S&P 500.  When markets were up, the dollar was down versus most other currencies.  Higher markets were associated with lower volatility and greater risk appetite – the “Risk On” trade.  Investors would short dollars and buy higher yielding currencies like the Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real and Norwegian Krone.  On a risk-adjusted basis, these carry trades had an attractive Sharpe ratio and were the lifeblood of too many hedge fund managers (collecting 2/20 on carry is almost criminal, but that’s another story).

It’s good to be the king, while it lasts…

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When to Prepay Your Student (and Other) Loans

With some of our borrowers getting bonuses and moving up in their careers, I’ve gotten a few questions about when one should pay off their student loans.   I’ll answer that here (spoiler: it depends).  I’m going to caveat this blog by saying I’m not a financial planner, these are my opinions only and you should independently get planning and tax advice from your advisor.  Now with the legalese out of the way, on to the blog.

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SoFi Answers the Call to Refinance Student Loans and Provides Unique Community Benefits

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk amongst leaders in Washington about how to improve the painful process of repaying student loans. At SoFi, we feel your pain and work hard to offer more flexible, more affordable options for our borrowers. One idea that’s getting a lot of attention is increasing the options for refinancing debt after graduation. The only lender currently focused on refinancing private and federal student loans is SoFi.

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