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3 Ways to Follow Bitcoin 2022

This year, SoFi is a proud sponsor of Bitcoin 2022! For both rookie traders and crypto aficionados, Bitcoin 2022 is one of the largest national gatherings for all things Bitcoin. Hosted by Bitcoin Magazine , this four-day conference is bringing the best and the brightest to the crypto community with the most influential speakers, the hottest topics, and the latest innovations. From discussing mining to hyperbitcoinization, this event guarantees to leave attendees educated, intrigued, and inspired.

Bitcoin Magazine will host the official event livestream on their YouTube channel for digital viewers, making it easy to catch some of the dynamic speakers and event highlights, but there are three other ways you can follow along to catch the latest news, tips, and insights from the conference.

1. Join the Hashtag

The official social hashtag for the conference is #Bitcoin2022. This will be used primarily across the official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram event pages. Not on any of those platforms? You can also keep tabs on the official LinkedIn page or the designated Discord server. The latest buzz won’t just come from official conference channels, but also from SoFi and the attendees themselves.

Bitcoin 2022 Official Facebook Page
Bitcoin 2022 Official Facebook Event Page
Bitcoin 2022 Official Twitter Page
Bitcoin 2022 Official Instagram Page
Bitcoin 2022 Official LinkedIn Page
Bitcoin 2022 Official LinkedIn Event Page
Bitcoin 2022 Official Discord Server
SoFi Twitter Page
SoFi Instagram Page

2. Follow the Speakers

Bitcoin 2022 is bringing some major Bitcoin thought leaders to the main stage. Check their social platforms to stay up-to-date about their stage appearances, thoughts on the conference, and likely some other special gems. A few of the speakers include:

Erick Miller – CEO of decentralized currency wallet CoinCircl and founder and managing director at technology investment venture firm Hyperspeed Ventures

Dan Tapiero – CEO and managing partner of growth equity fund 10T with 30 years of experience in macro and commodity investing and trading, research and economics

Senator Cynthia Lummis – U.S. Senator and founder of the U.S. Senate Financial Innovation Caucus, committed to promoting responsible innovation in the U.S. financial system

Tony Gallippi – Co-founder and board member of BitPay with 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in the robotics and financial industries

Luke Dashjr – The earliest Bitcoin Core developer still active, having contributed to numerous projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem

Alyse Killeen – Founding managing partner of Stillmark, the first Bitcoin-focused venture capital firm with nearly a decade of experience in Bitcoin venture capitalism

Visit the Bitcoin 2022 speaker page for a complete lineup, and the official Bitcoin 2022 agenda for the full order of events.

3. Keep an Eye on SoFi

Visit the SoFi booth (#432) located in the Expo Hall. We’ll be handing out free swag, sharing our latest Bitcoin products, and giving out invites to the official Bitcoin 2022 SoFi Afterparty .

Check out SoFi partner and Bitcoin fanatic Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano . Pomp will not only be in attendance, but will be holding an exclusive networking breakfast with some special VIPs. Watch his Twitter feed for his whereabouts.

Follow SoFi on Twitter and Instagram for live event content, the latest Bitcoin products and crypto promotions.

The Takeaway

Bitcoin 2022 is set up to be the premier Bitcoin event of the year. Knowing where to go to keep tabs on what’s happening will help you stay in the loop and provide a glance at the potential future of Bitcoin.

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