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What You Can Get For Your Money in Home Remodel

Getting new appliances or updating the plumbing in your home doesn’t need to be a pipe dream, but starting home remodels without a budget in mind can quickly become a nightmare.

Instead of ignoring your bank account and blindly charging your unexpected Home Depot runs, consider how much you can get in home renovations and updates for the money you’ve budgeted. With an idea of how much you can spend, you can get a better idea of where to spend it to maximize value, savings, and future return on investment (ROI).

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Charitable Giving on a Budget

With the holiday season in full swing, your priorities might include finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list (all while making sure you don’t break the bank), mingling with friends and family at holiday parties, indulging in the scrumptious treats that seem to be around every corner, and watching your favorite holiday classics.

The festive season can also inspire compassion and generosity. Offices and nonprofits sponsor food drives and gift drives, the Salvation Army bell ringers are out in full force, and charities around the country are accepting donations.

If the warmth of the holiday season has inspired you to give back, you might consider making a charitable donation. These recommendations could help you make the most of your philanthropic efforts—even if you’re on a tight budget.

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10 Shopping Tricks to Help You Capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Christmas Eve used to be the shopping day filled with the most delicious drama. Who knew if any of the year’s must-have gifts would still be available? What items would already be marked down to prices so low, you just couldn’t resist? And would the mall close before you got that one last gift?

These days, of course, Thanksgiving weekend gets all the hype.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have its pros (big-time bargains and the thrill of the hunt) and cons (long lines, sore losers, and crashing websites). So, it pays to be a happy hybrid shopper, making the most of every possible buy. As with all things that involve your money, it’s smart to have a plan. Here are 10 tips that can help you capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

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The Perks of Holiday Shopping on Small Business Saturday

At a time when it can feel like there’s a Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens or other national chain around every corner, what does it mean to shop small?

It means checking out the new boutique store that carries hand-crafted wooden toys. Or buying a birthday cake from the corner bakery, helmed by a chef who lives on the second floor. It’s the choice to patronize the community’s independent storefronts, as well as local artisans who sell online through sites like Etsy . (Find them via a location search.)

The phrase “shop small” has become something of a rallying cry, synonymous with the weekend after Thanksgiving ever since the inaugural Small Business Saturday took place in 2010. This year’s holiday is set for Saturday, Nov. 30.

And while shoppers may be drawn in by the promise of huge deals available from mass-market retailers on the day before—Black Friday—here are a few reasons why it could be good to keep some of that holiday shopping budget for the little guys.

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