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What makes our members #SoFiGreat?

When you apply for a loan, most banks look at the same criteria when evaluating your application – things like your debt-to-income ratio. These factors give banks a good idea of your history with debt, but they don’t say much about your ability to pay it back in the future.
At SoFi, we’ve made it our business to invest in borrowers with awesome potential. That means we go beyond the traditional methods of measuring creditworthiness to look at metrics that speak to your future financial wellbeing. In our opinion, these factors are what make our members ‘great.’ Identifying great borrowers allows us to give them great rates—and that’s just one of the reasons our members think we’re great, too.
So what makes a SoFi member ‘great’? Read on to find out.
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What We Mean When We Call Our Members ‘Great’

If you’ve been watching the teaser ads for the Big Game this week, you may have seen SoFi’s new spot making the rounds. It was a big bet for a five-year old startup, made even bigger by the fact that we chose a somewhat provocative message—the idea that SoFi provides “great loans for great people.”

While the ad was praised by many for its humor, production quality and creativity, it didn’t take long for a few people to take offense. “The message couldn’t be less inclusive if it were produced by Marie Antoinette’s ad agency,” complained one fintech newsletter. “Don’t bank with us, says fintech bank,” jabbed another headline.

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