Millennials Are Seeking Prenups—and It Might Just Be Worth Considering

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Ask the Career Expert: Should I Pause My Job Search During the Holidays?

Every year around this time, I notice a slowdown in the number of phone calls I get from job candidates.  Some of it has to do with people taking time to relax and enjoy the holidays, but I think it’s also due to the myth that December is a bad month to find a new job.  Many candidates simply take a whole month off from their search because they assume that employers are doing the same on their end.

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Ask the Career Expert: Career Strategy 101

Congratulations – you’ve just landed your dream job!  It should be smooth sailing from here on out, right?

Of course, most of us know from experience that this isn’t usually the case.  Even the most happily employed person will encounter challenging work situations from time to time (a negative review, for example).  And if you want to grow in your chosen career, it requires a proactive approach.  The truth is, “career strategy” doesn’t end once you get the gig.  In some ways, it’s just getting started.

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Supper Club Stories: Finding Balance – and Career Bliss – in the Wine World

When it comes to choosing a career, many of us struggle with an age-old question: Do you follow your head or follow your heart?  Debbie Zachareas, owner of the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant and featured guest at a recent SoFi Supper Club, is all-too familiar with that internal conflict.  We asked her to share a few insights about her journey from potential PhD to successful wine business owner, and what she discovered about wine – and herself – along the way.

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