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A Look at Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income Plan

If you’ve kept up with the democratic debates or campaigns recently, you may have heard the term universal basic income, or UBI, tossed around.

The program’s biggest proponent, democratic candidate Andrew Yang, says that a universal basic income will be key to protecting the American economy in the future, especially as more jobs are replaced by automation and technology. His plan for a “Freedom Dividend ” would give Americans $1,000 a month, which he argues would increase productivity and boost economic growth.

Here’s a look at what universal basic income is, Yang’s proposed plan, and how adopting a UBI could possibly affect you in the future.

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August Monthly Market Commentary

As many of us enjoyed the final month of summer, plenty of attention was focused on a somewhat bumpy August which delivered political turmoil, escalations in a trade war, and concern in the fixed income market. Overall, the stock markets ended the month down slightly, so sit back and catch up on some market moving news.

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What Exactly Is an Inverted Yield Curve?

If you’ve been paying any attention to the stock market and financial headlines over the past few weeks, you’ve likely noticed a lot of turmoil and the term “inverted yield curve” being used quite frequently.

Since 1955, an inverted yield curve has preceded all nine of the U.S. recessions that have occurred. Usually, the curve inverts about two years before a recession hits, so it can be an early warning sign.

The current inversion of the yield curve doesn’t mean that a recession is definitely going to happen within the next few years, but it is one indicator.

What exactly is an inverted yield curve, and what does it mean for the economy and your finances?

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Odds of a Recession in 2019

It’s a question on a lot of minds. When is the next recession? Although nobody can claim to possess the trillion dollar crystal ball that predicts recessions, extensive research has been done into what causes economic downturns and where the U.S. seems to be in the current cycle.

It may seem as though there’s always an ongoing conversation about this, and it is overwhelming to try and decipher the mixed messages coming from politicians, economists, and the media.

Uncertainty and fear about the economy can lead to inaction and missed opportunities. There is a lot you can do to prepare and stay informed in an effort to be ready when the recession does come.

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Recovering From a Bad Investment

So, you made an investment that didn’t work out. The first step is to take a deep breath.

Bad investments can happen. One misstep doesn’t mean you can’t recover your investment. In the long run, it may even make you a more experienced and skillful investor.

An investment, by nature, is some sort of deployment of capital in order to make a profit. Investors should know that in order to make money, they might have to take a risk.

In fact, risk and return are two sides of the same coin. Generally speaking, to have a chance at a higher reward, you must assume a higher risk. Assuming risk means taking the chance that you might lose money. There are no free lunches.

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