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4 end of year tax tips to save money

4 End-of-Year Money Moves That Can Benefit Your Taxes

December is the time of year to reflect on your personal and professional goals of the past 12 months, and make resolutions. But don’t forget to look ahead financially. The actions you take in the next couple of weeks can save you a good chunk of change in 2017. Consider these four money moves before you ring in the new year.

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How Good is your Financial Health Right Now?

Editor’s Note: This new series on Financial Fitness comes from personal finance expert, and new SoFi content partner, Dr. Tony Pennells, founder of The Freedom Club. Using proven tools and systems, Dr. Tony demystifies “financial freedom” with common sense solutions to help people create true wealth (the type that makes money that you don’t have to work for!).

Do you have every intention of setting money aside for your future, paying down debt or creating an emergency buffer, but never quite seem to get there? Do you find that no matter how much money you earn, by the end of the pay period you have almost nothing? If so, you’re not alone. A recent study showed that 47% of Americans couldn’t come up with $400 to cover a financial emergency (via The Atlantic)

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