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Student Loan Repayment: The Smart Grad’s Guide [SlideShare]

Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or completed a master’s or professional degree, chances are good that you have student loans to repay.

Unfortunately, student loan repayment isn’t as simple as picking a plan and writing that first check.  The decisions you make today can impact how much interest you pay in the long run, which in turn can affect your ability to achieve other financial goals like buying a home, starting a family, even traveling the world.

That’s why we created The Smart Grad’s Guide to Student Loan Repayment.  Our guide offers six simple steps to help you build a thoughtful student loan repayment strategy – so you can efficiently deal with student loan debt without spending a penny more than is necessary.

Want to learn more?  Check out the Student Loan Refinance Guide here.  This definitive guide can help you weigh your student loan debt options and understand whether student loan refinancing is right for you.


This article is intended to provide useful information about personal finance, but it is not intended to provide legal, investment or tax advice.

ABOUT Anna Wolf Anna Wolf is a financial writer and content strategist based in San Francisco. After 10+ years of writing, thinking and talking about personal finance and investing, she still learns something new every day.

One thought on “Student Loan Repayment: The Smart Grad’s Guide [SlideShare]

  1. Resolving the debt is not a simple thing. You are right. I’ve got a debt to build a house. But, I tried as much as to always pay the monthly bills on time. If not, I will have a heavy burden I have to bear. Fortunately, I was able to pay off my debts on time so that I can avoid what I feared earlier.

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