BTC22 Speaker Highlights

Bitcoin 2022 is going to be known for a number of things, but its dynamic speakers will likely top that list. Bitcoin Magazine has brought together the latest and greatest developers, investors, and thought leaders in the crypto space to share their insights, knowledge, and perspective regarding the current state and future of Bitcoin. Here are just some of the big names to look forward to.

Nayib Bukele – President, El Salvador

Bukele is a crypto aficionado and the current president of El Salvador. His affinity for Bitcoin is present daily in his politics, and he spearheaded El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency last fall. The country’s citizens are able to purchase goods and pay taxes with Bitcoin, and the government holds Bitcoin in its reserves. The first country to officially adopt Bitcoin usage, El Salvador is being watched by many leaders worldwide to see how a currency as volatile and unpredictable as Bitcoin may affect the economy and the country’s overall growth.

Saifedean Ammous – Author, “The Bitcoin Standard”

An economist with a Master’s in development management and a Ph.D. in sustainable development, Ammous wrote the first academic study of cryptocurrencies, “The Bitcoin Standard.” Translated into 25 languages, the book touches on the history of money and general economics, tyng in the complexities of Bitcoin and the forces that have driven its adoption and growth. His book is widely considered standard reading for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

Cynthia Lummis – U.S. Senator

Senator Lummis is the acting senator of the state of Wyoming and an avid Bitcoin supporter. She’s been quoted referring to Bitcoin as “freedom money” and is fully invested in its potential for use, both personally and in policy. Currently Lummis is working on a bill that would develop a new organization under the Commodity Future Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission to oversee and regulate cryptocurrencies and the overall digital assets market. At essence, this bill would pave the way for how Bitcoin is regulated by the federal government.

Adam Back – CEO, Blockstream

A cryptographer and self-proclaimed cypherpunk, Back is the co-founder and CEO of Blockstream, a company offering products dedicated to securing the transaction of Bitcoin and other digital assets. Back is most widely known for inventing hashcash, a proof-of-work system that was originally created in the ‘90s to minimize spam emails but was adopted as an essential piece of the mining algorithm for Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies.

Max Keiser – American Journalist

Keiser is an American journalist and early Bitcoin adopter. He’s known for his former role as the host of the “Keiser Report” where he and his wife and co-host discussed and analyzed the latest in traditional finance and digital currency for over a decade. He also hosts the Orange Pill Podcast where he and his wife discuss the intricacies of Bitcoin. Keiser is considered an authority and thought leader in the industry.

Visit the Bitcoin 2022 speaker page for a complete lineup, and the official Bitcoin 2022 agenda for the full order of events.

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