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One freelance writer's recovery from debt with the help of a personal loan from SoFi.

I Ended Up $20K in Debt, But Figured Out an Easier Way to Pay it Off

Six-figure annual income. Dozens of high-profile clients. Paid speaking gigs. Trade media attention. When it comes to freelance writing, I’ve been a poster child for success. I often tell people that I’ve never held a real job, and it’s true; I’ve been slinging copy just like this post since the day I graduated college in 1997.

Money has never been a challenge for me. I’m not independently wealthy or anything. I just work my butt off. Generally speaking, I average about 55 articles of 300 words or more each month. Every year I pull in about 30 different 1099s.

Because the majority of my work is travel writing, I incur some pretty significant expenses. Most years, I’m able to manage that debt just fine. The year 2015, however, was a doozy.

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5 ways to tell if person you're dating is a good money match

5 Ways To Tell If the Person You’re Dating Is a Good “Money Match”

It’s not exactly the most fun thing to sit down and figure out whether the person you’re dating is on the same page as you financially—in fact, you could practically call it a buzzkill. But if you’re serious about one another, talking about credit scores, budgets, and debt is not something you should put off, because one money mistake can be all it takes to get you into serious and immediate financial trouble.

It’s hard enough to budget and track your own spending and saving habits, but when your dreams are shared and depend on the equal due diligence of another person, you have even less control over how quickly you get there. So you’ll want to find out sooner rather than later if you align on how you handle your money, before it potentially becomes an issue.

Here are five tips to help you determine whether you and your partner are a good “money match.”

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SoFi members in SuperBowl ad

We’re Conquering Goals, Together—Out There and On-screen

Last year, we had the opportunity to help our members in their quest to tackle debt head on. The #WhyISoFi contest brought in an overwhelming response from our community. As stories of both success and setback poured in, one thing became clear: SoFi members aren’t just accomplishing goals to get ahead, they’re doing good and making a name for themselves in the process.

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