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Easy DIY Home Projects to Improve Your Space

When it comes to do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects, “easy” can be a tricky word to define. If you have a crafty background or a few home improvement skills and tools, what’s easy for you may not be easy for someone else, and vice versa. And sometimes, “easy” doesn’t necessarily mean “fast.”

On the plus side, if you have two or three sets of hands doing the work, then a more in-depth and complicated project may be quite doable. So take a look at these “easy” DIY home projects to see which ones strikes your fancy, and then decide whether it’s a one-person job or one where teamwork matters.

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7 Tips for Investing in Today’s Market

Jumping into a nine-year-old bull market can feel overwhelming and you may question whether you’ve already missed the boat. Recent market volatility might also make you a bit anxious. Yet, despite what you might have heard about unstable financial markets, it’s important to consider the stock market in the long-term as opposed to focusing on the daily ups and downs.

And even if the market continues its rollercoaster ride, or takes a slight dip, as long as you’re investing money for the long haul, your account is likely to grow thanks to the power of compound interest.

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start investing, the sooner you take a great first step in planning for the future. Here are seven investment tips for beginners on how to invest your money wisely in today’s conditions.

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Money Saving Tips: 5 Ways to Save Money on Big Purchases

You’ve got your eye on a big purchase, something you’ve dreamed of owning. So, now what? How do you know when it’s the right time to buy an item that isn’t really a necessity? Well, the first step is to evaluate your current financial situation, including how much money you have in your savings and investment accounts, and the bills you currently owe. Are there any significant expenses you anticipate coming soon? Do you expect any negative impacts on your finances in the predictable future?

If a review of your finances suggests that, yes, it’s reasonable to consider splurging on a big purchase, then it makes sense to determine how you can save money to get the best deal possible.

In this post, we’ll get into money-saving tips, tricks, and hacks to help you save money when buying a car, getting engaged, planning your wedding, going on a cruise, or buying a boat. We’ll also show you how using SoFi Invest can help position you so that you can potentially afford the purchases of your dreams.

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The Stock Market May Seem Stressed, But You Don’t Have to Be

What’s Happening In The Market?

As you’re probably aware by now, the stock market has been fluctuating over the past few days. Some say it’s because trade tensions have ratcheted up between the U.S. and China. Others cite that the Fed is expected to hike rates again at its December meeting. Stock analysts note many tech behemoths like Netflix have missed earnings expectations. But, the cause is likely a mix of many factors.

It turns out, current valuation metrics seem in-line with historical averages and the global economy remains in good shape, irrespective of what is the risk du jour. The enthusiasm that surrounded international companies early in the year was likely a little too rosy when stock markets performed well, and the recent pessimism that has driven stocks lower is likely a tad overblown. It comes down to the fact that there are always risks and rewards, so it’s important to keep them in context.

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Pros & Cons of Careers in Nonprofit Organizations

If you’ve longed to pair your professional expertise with a cause that’s close to your heart, applying for a job within the nonprofit sector may seem infinitely appealing.

Focused on a social cause-driven mission rather than financial gain, nonprofit careers offer an opportunity to earn a living while working toward a shared philanthropic goal. Whether you’re committed to climate change, education, healthcare, or another worthy endeavor, chances are you’ll find an opening that matches your skill set, as many careers in nonprofit organizations mirror those in the for-profit arena.

From coveted executive director positions to critical roles in accounting or marketing, finding a spot that allows you to demonstrate and develop your talents shouldn’t be too difficult. But are you ready to make the move?

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