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Green friendly house with solar panels

How to Make Your House Green Friendly with a Personal Loan

If you’re thinking about going green with your home, good for you! Benefits of doing so can be significant for the environment and the economy, and in terms of making a positive social impact. Green buildings use less energy, less water, fewer natural resources, and can even have a net positive effect in creating energy. Economically, you can save money on utilities, while living in a healthier environment. You can find a significant amount of information about these benefits from the World Green Building Council .

More specifically, the council shares the following message: “The world over, evidence is growing that green buildings bring multiple benefits. They provide some of the most effective means to achieving a range of global goals, such as addressing climate change, creating sustainable and thriving communities, and driving economic growth.”

And the good news is that there is no one “right” version of environmentally-friendly homes. You can choose from a huge range of strategies to go green, some large and significant, while others are small yet mighty. To help you go green your own way, we’ve scoured the web for resources to help.

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SoFi Member Spotlight: How One Member Tackled Debt Elimination and Had Fun Doing It

In 2015, SoFi member Anthony Hartzog’s loans were in default. In 2017, he paid off $51,000 of $113,000 in debt. And this year, he and his wife Jhanilka Hartzog have already paid off $42,000 in debt with plans to wipe out the last $20,000 of their personal debt by end of year.

College graduates today are sharing a $1.5 trillion loan burden —the second highest debt amount in the nation after home mortgages. And this debt has the potential to lead to things like default, credit card debt, and potentially underemployment if grads can’t immediately find a job in their degree field.

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Smart Short Term Financial Goals to Set for Yourself

A car in the driveway, a house owned outright, and a college degree: the classic hallmarks of the American dream. All of these are long term financial goals, requiring saving strategies, payment plans, and some serious discipline. But what about your short term financial goals? We can’t just focus on the pie-in-the-sky dreams without thinking about bettering ourselves in the meantime.

Some short term financial goals might include paying down credit card debt or freeing yourself from the yolk of student loans. If you’re looking for a smart money lifestyle shift, consider tracking your spending to start saving more.

Focusing on smart (and smaller) money goals can help motivate you for the bigger ticket items like buying a house or retiring early. Developing smart money habits when you’re young is easier when you have incentives throughout the process. Here’s how to tackle short term financial goals… and how they can motivate you to accomplish the bigger ones as well.

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Our New Partnership with Home Improvement Platform Kukun

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with home improvement platform Kukun (pronounced “cocoon”) to offer the homeowners amongst you advanced new tools to help you gain a greater understanding of how much your home improvement project could cost and how it can affect the resale value of your home.

With Kukun and SoFi’s Home Improvement Cost Calculator, you can estimate the cost of over 28 project types, ranging in price from $10,000 up to $300,000, including renovations and expansions so you can accurately estimate your house renovation costs or remodeling costs.

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