July Reading Roundup

Believe it or not, 2022 is already half-way over! Now is the perfect time to revisit your annual goals and check in on the progress you’ve made. No matter if you’re on track, behind on your goals, or maybe even exceeding your goals, this half-way point in the year can be perfect for tracking your progress and re-evaluating your goals. Here, we’ll review some tips for reaching those goals by the end of the year, as well as motivation and ways to push toward accomplishing any goals that may have fallen by the wayside.

Financial Goals

Improving finances is one of the most common annual goals out there, but it’s also probably one of the hardest to achieve. And with inflation at an all time high and the effects of Covid-19 still lingering, it may have been particularly hard to put more toward your 401(k), or beef up your emergency savings this year.

However, one of the simplest ways to get back on track is by getting creative with your budget and embracing frugal living . Making coffee at home, shopping for cheaper insurance, taking public transportation to work, and tightening up your discretionary spending can all go a long way in helping you improve your finances. And if frugal living isn’t enough to get your financial goals back on track, you can check out some free stock resources to help you learn how to be a better investor.

Fitness Goals

Trying to build strength? Interested in starting yoga? Want to get fit for your wedding day? Or just trying to live a healthier, more active life? Luckily, getting (and staying!) fit doesn’t have to cost a fortune . Taking a walk with the dog or following a YouTube yoga lesson are all free to do; plus, you can do them whenever you want, be it at the start of your day or during your lunch break!

Ever heard the saying ‘health is wealth?’ Fitness goals can help you reach a variety of other goals, be they personal, financial, or even work-related. Working out and eating well can help you feel better emotionally and physically, help you sleep better, and make you feel more awake and alert during the day. So, if you’re looking for some motivation to pick up your yoga mat or running shoes, just think about how doing so will not only help you accomplish your fitness goals, but will also give you the strength and energy boost you need to accomplish your other goals, too!

Work Goals

Do you want to get a promotion or even a new job? No matter what your career goals are, it may be useful to talk to your boss or supervisor about your goals. They may be able to provide advice or suggest tools like conferences or training programs that can help you achieve those goals. You can also check out a variety of free online resources for professional development that can help you accomplish your goals.

Personal Goals

Saying “I do” this year? Trying to buy a home? Or maybe you simply want to spend more time with family and friends? Personal goals can sometimes take a backseat to goals that feel “more important” or pressing, like saving money. But making personal goals a priority is an important first step to making them a reality. You can break down your goals into smaller, more manageable steps like picking a date for your wedding , if your personal goal is longer-term.

Buying a home is another common long-term personal (and financial!) goal for many people. One easy first step you can take is to use a free online home affordability calculator to help you start budgeting for your home. No matter what your personal goal is, taking small first steps is a great way to begin making progress.

Goal Motivation & Accountability

Having a hard time staying motivated or holding yourself accountable? The problem may be that your goal is too vague . For instance, instead of just saying, “Improve my finances,” you can choose something specific to focus on, such as “putting 10% of my paycheck into an emergency fund.” Take some time to remind yourself why you set that goal and what accomplishing it will mean for you. You may want to write these motivations down as a reminder for when you find yourself getting off track.

You may also want to employ the help of a goal tracking app, like a budget app if your goal is financial, or a fitness app or device for health goals. Tech is a great and affordable way to hold yourself accountable. You could also find a goal buddy who is also trying to save money or improve their health. Going at it alone can be stressful, but making progress on a goal with someone else can make it more fun and help you both keep yourselves accountable.

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