SoFi Member Investor Profiles: ‘Just Get Started!’

One of the myths about investing is that you have to do everything yourself, says SoFi Member Jeff Pardine. An elementary school teacher in Jacksonville, FL, Jeff was hesitant to start investing — in fact, he passed up two different retirement plans at two different jobs.

Jeff’s Investing Story

Familiar with those head-in-the-sand moments yourself? The good news is that when you face up to what you’re avoiding, you start making progress. That’s what happened for Jeff, especially when he also realized he didn’t have to DIY it. He could get informed advice and take advantage of tools and resources for new investors. That took a lot of the pressure off. Learn how Jeff started investing and took control of his retirement, his finances, and his future — and how you can, too.

I felt like I was falling behind.

This is a fun story. I made the mistake of not signing up for the 401(k) plan at my first or my second full-time job — just because I didn’t understand it. Honestly, I wanted to start investing, but I was intimidated.

It was a relief to know I could start small.

Finally, I decided to start a retirement account myself with SoFi. What appealed to me was the ability to start investing even on a small scale.

With SoFi, it’s easy to keep learning.

I have received so much valuable information through SoFi’s learning resources. Their Ambassador program is so wonderful and purposely tailored to people who know very little.

I’m getting the hang of market ups and downs.

One thing I really enjoy is that you can watch a company’s track record, and see how an investment is likely to grow. But it’s also true that investing can be unpredictable — and the market can change at the drop of a hat. I’m learning to pay attention to different signals.

One thing I think everyone should know…

Always seek advice. A second or third opinion is so valuable, especially when you’re considering investing personal funds.

The Takeaway

Starting to invest looks different for everyone — some people may be natural DIY-ers, and some might not. As SoFi Member Jeff Pardine discovered, the important thing is to prioritize your goals and then go for it. You won’t be struggling out there on your own. It’s not a game of Survivor. You can start small — and you can get help.

Opening an account with SoFi Invest® is straightforward and, as Jeff discovered, gives you access to complimentary financial planning, as well as tools and other resources to help you keep learning as you go.

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SoFi Member responses are from the SoFi Ambassador survey conducted in July 2021. All responses are published with the permission of the SoFi Member, and have been edited for grammar and clarity by SoFi editors. SoFi Ambassadors earn rewards for participating in the Ambassador Program.

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