Sharing SoFi’s Mission & Company Values

Part of what makes SoFi such a dynamic place to work is our commitment to our mission, culture, and company values.

In order to help our members get their money right, we need to remain hyper-focused on our 11 core values—which are at the core of how we think about hiring people, how we evaluate our own performance, and most critically, how we work day-to-day together.

It’s not just the what we do, but the how we do it. With that, SoFi’s core values are as follows.

SoFi Values

1. Put our members’ interest first.

If we take care of our members’ interests it will best serve our interests.

2. Run after problems.

We must build a culture of people who run after problems in order to ensure we execute with excellence and “things” do not fall through the cracks.

3. Embrace diversity. Everyone should feel welcome, included, and able to contribute.

Diversity is a differentiator and our team should reflect society. We should continue to encourage and celebrate diversity.

4. Get to the truth and make principle-based decisions.

We can only make the best decisions if we have the right data, all of the perspectives, and if we align on the guiding principles.

5. Make your footprint bigger than your foot.

Selfless acts are critical to elevate beyond the impact of our collective individual efforts.

6. Do the right thing. If you’re not sure, do the harder thing.

Our business is built on trust and integrity, which requires both adhering to the letter of the law and regulations, and doing the right thing for the company and our members.

7. Set ambitious goals, be gritty, be accountable.

We must hold ourselves and others accountable for delivering our business objectives, for our culture, and for our members.

8. Take care of other people and help them grow.

Our people are our greatest differentiator. If we take care of our people, they will take care of our members.

9. Iterate, learn, innovate.

We are all responsible for innovation and we must embrace data-driven decisions.

10. Be SoFi missionaries.

Our products, our services, our brand, and our business must be durable over the long term to achieve our mission–be a missionary.

11. …and don’t forget to smile.

Our ambition is contagious: it makes us smile to see people inside and outside of SoFi succeed.

For more information on working at SoFi, visit our Careers page.

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